Сестра герцогини Кэмбриджской обвенчается в сельской церкви
Became known some details of the upcoming wedding of Pippa Middleton.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews


As it became known, the wedding of Pippa Middleton,
scheduled for spring next year, will be nothing like her marriage
older sister Duchess Catherine. If Kate’s wedding, held in 2011,
turned into a terrific show, which is broadcast to the entire planet watched, that
in Pippa decided to confine itself to a much more modest family celebration. About this
reported by the Sun.

The latest news that you managed to find the reporter
edition: already a date for the wedding younger sister of the Duchess Catherine. It will be held
in may of the following year. Became known, and the place of the ceremony and it
surprised everyone who knows Pippa —lover of
large social events with the participation of representatives of the most noble British families.
Against expectations, the younger Middleton, who always tried to show that it
not worse than her sister, decided to marry in London, and fasting
rural Church of St. Mark (Berkshire). And actually, the wedding Banquet will be held
in a nearby house Pippa’s parents — Michael and Carol. As
it is reported that the wedding guests will not only be an older sister Pippa, Catherine with her husband Prince William, but they
adorable kids. Moreover, the young Prince George and Princess Charlotte
destined special role in the ceremony — she will be a Junior bridesmaid, and he

The engagement of Pippa and millionaire James Matthews, became
known in July of this year. And their romance, which began last fall, was
already the “second round” of the relationship the younger Middleton and Matthews. They met
back in 2012, but then the pair met briefly as Pippa moved
another gentleman banker Nico Jackson. But when in the early autumn of 2015
Pippa and Nico decided to leave, James resumed his courtship and
this time not to miss your chance.

As claimed by the girlfriend of Pippa, the bride’s younger Middleton
liked absolutely everything her friends and family. And mother and father of the bride —
Michael and Carol are confident that Matthews will be able to make their daughter happy.