The sister of Duchess Catherine conceived escape

Сестра герцогини Кэтрин задумала побег
Pippa Middleton has “missed” with the size of the wedding dress…

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

Photo: @closerweekly Instagram

Pippa Middleton, in which
next Saturday should be combined legal marriage with her fiancé James
Matthews, have already decided to plan for a honeymoon. Moreover, the paparazzi already cook
follow newlyweds on some tropical island, was
severely disappointed released information.

No beach and no
photo shoots in a swimsuit-a bikini is not expected. The fact that the sister of the Duchess
Of Cambridge and her groom have in mind, as they call it, “escape.” Instead of the tropics Pippa and James are going to go to the French Alps! Reportedly, they already
booked a secluded Chalet in the mountains and hope that they will be able to stay there
just the two of us — of course, not counting staff.

Incidentally, just before
your wedding, Pippa made a not too pleasant discovery: her
no longer good to sit her pre-sewn wedding dress! No, Pippa is not
recovered or per gram, as some might think. Quite the opposite: it
worked so hard on her figure that the dress hung on her as on
hanger.It is curious that to
to get in perfect shape, Pippa spent a lot of effort, time and
of course, money. She joined a three-month program “Bridal Membership” developed by
especially for brides. And five times a week working in a luxury London sports club Grace Belgravia under the guidance of a personal
coach .

In the same club, the younger Middleton has received advice on optimal
made just for her, diet.

As a result, Pippa looks now
really great. Athletic younger sister Duchess Catherine, and there’s no way
might complain about the extra weight, and now she was just superstrong. Of course, when ordering your dress, Pippa expected,
what a little weight for the wedding, but in the end, clearly overdone. So
dress had to take in.. …