Сестра Кейт Миддлтон готовится к свадьбе It is reported that Pippa has accepted the offer hands and hearts of the beloved. The younger sister of the Duchess in early may, moved in the house of his chosen one, the top Manager of the investment Fund James Mattis. They say that parents are excited about the future son-in-law and very happy for her daughter.

      Сестра Кейт Миддлтон готовится к свадьбе

      In the family of the Duchess of Cambridge, perhaps very soon there will be another happy event. The younger sister of Kate Middleton Pippa is going to marry her beloved James Matthews. According to a source foreign publications, the girl accepted the proposal of marriage the top Manager of the investment Fund.

      “I can confirm that Pippa and James are engaged. They have nothing else to say at this stage”,- said a close friend of the couple.

      Rumor has it that James has asked Pippa to marry him in a rather romantic setting. Last Saturday, the couple went for a walk. When the lovers stopped to enjoy a breathtaking view, Matthews got down on one knee and gave beloved the diamond ring. Then the man asked Pippa if she was ready to marry him. Middleton said the coveted “Yes”.

      Reported that parents were very happy with the upcoming wedding. They support my daughter’s choice, and are confident that James will make Pippa is very happy. Mother Carol also loved the groom a younger successor.

      In mid-may Middleton went to live with his elect James Matthews to his home in West London. Paparazzi captured as the apartments of the top Manager of the investment Fund drove the vans. Truck pulled the bags of impressive size, which, presumably, was the clothes and other lovely things the younger Middleton. Pippa also decided not to part with her beloved pet Cocker Spaniel Zulu, who together with the mistress moved into a new house.

      For three years she met with Nick Jackson. After a painful breakup, Pippa found solace in the arms of James. Before they started the affair, the couple has been acquainted for several years. The younger sister of Kate Middleton always chooses the titled and wealthy men.

      As it turned out, the future husband of the sister of the Duchess before you can ask the hands and hearts of the beloved, first appealed to her father Mike. “James is a traditionalist and wanted everything to be as it should be. This means that he first obtained the consent of Pope sweetheart,” a friend of the couple told the publication the Daily Mail.

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