Певица Натали рассказала, кто снимает ее в бикини The artist with pleasure poses for the photographer. The star admitted that the pictures by the pool makes for her younger son Anatoly. Five-year-old boy learns the basics of photography the joy of mom and many fans.

      Певица Натали рассказала, кто снимает ее в бикини

      Popular singer Natalie has pleased fans of unexpected photos in a swimsuit. The artist decided to relax on vacation and to show his followers how she spends time. The singer is enjoying warm days by the pool and enjoy posing for the camera. However, Natalie spilled the beans, who makes her such images. As it turned out, the photographer is her son Anatoly.

      “Teach the younger pictures of girls in swimsuits”, told the singer in the microblog, posting some pictures in a bikini.
      Певица Натали рассказала, кто снимает ее в бикини

      Fans could not remain indifferent to such statements. They drew attention to the chiseled figure of the 42-year-old actress. Many even believe that the singer has his own secret of eternal youth. They wonder how Natalie is able to look and keep your figure in great shape.

      “With this model! He will definitely learn”, “Beauty!”, “Lucky your son with such a beautiful mommy! There is an example in which they will choose a bride, such as beautiful and kind girl like mom!” – expressed his opinion followers Natalie.

      Now the singer has two sons – five-year Anatolia, and 15-year-old Arseny. Natalie is married to businessman Alexander Rudin and for 25 years lives happily married. Apparently, the husband doesn’t mind that his wife puts pictures in bathing suits with guests.

      Natalie admitted that her family tries to adhere to a strict hierarchy. And if with her husband she is on an equal footing, the relationship with his sons, she tries to be a friend, but still a mom.

      The artist tells and shows children a different side of the profession to the heirs understood how difficult happens in her work.

      “There were, of course, the moment when it seemed to me that my sons don’t quite understand what I do. It is my job seen as easy, fun and relaxing, which is what I always feared. So I asked them to do my video for the song “Volodya”. During the filming of the video the boys realized what hard work it is to be an artist,” Natalie admitted in an interview.

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