Певица Светлана Лобода снимает дочку Еву против её воли
The singer Svetlana Loboda published in Stories videos. It is not very beautiful against the daughters of eve. The fact that the mother was sitting with my daughter in the car, asks her to read a poem. The girl doesn’t want and asks the mother not to remove.

Певица Светлана Лобода снимает дочку Еву против её воли

“For myself, come on,” says daughter Loboda.

“Mom, please”, – says the eve.

“I’m mad, come on”, – gently but sternly says Loboda.

In the end, the girl sits straight, straightens your posture and recites the verse.

Undoubtedly, poems for children useful, develops memory, diction, and artistry. But if the child does not want to, why lie that the video will not get into the Network and is intended only for personal viewing?

We will remind that Svetlana has published another video where Eva says that waiting for a baby brother, hinting at the third pregnancy of the actress. Loboda immediately turns off the video. Thus Svetlana posted a video not in Stories, not during the Live broadcast, and posted to a feed.

If the daughter blurted out something accidentally, then what are the bright accents?

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