Певец Шура судится за квартиру, стоимостью в 100 тысяч долларов A few days ago, the singer announced that he was forced to leave the shelter, where he lived for 15 years. According to Shura, he became a victim of hackers a few years ago, when he used banned substances while in a deranged state, the actor rewrote the property to other people.
Певец Шура судится за квартиру, стоимостью в 100 тысяч долларов

The Shura admitted that he may lose the estate in the capital. According to him, in 2003 he bought a luxury apartment, which cost him a hundred thousand dollars. The singer said that at that time he used banned substances, and the attackers used the deranged state of the artist, inviting him to rewrite the property to other people. Thus, Shura gave a right of possession of apartment to the employee of the construction company, and recently has come the day of reckoning for the mistake.

“Live in peace, nobody bothers you. Pay the rent money, all the paper in my hands. Once during a birthday down to a stall for some water, there are two young men with documents in my apartment and telling me they say, sorry, this apartment pay their debts, and move new people, and legal. To these people I have no complaints, but looking for a man, on which was written the estate. His name is Murad Arabs. Now it is hard for me. For years I’ve lived in my apartment and just love her. Two months I have left to figure out where to go. In my 43 years I — bum”, — admitted the singer.

Shura decided to investigate the Scam and has applied to the Investigative Committee.

Singer Alex lost his apartment

The lawyer of the actor told “StarHit” that their goal is to understand the developer’s company “Gradostroy”, namely, on what basis its representatives has transferred the right of ownership of real estate of the singer to third parties. Shura himself has admitted earlier to him came the people who said that the property is not his. After such visits in his house started to happen strange things — the curtain fell, then broke the tap in the kitchen.

Shura thought it pursues evil rock and he had to leave the apartment where he lived for a long time. Soon, however, changed his mind and decided to compete for the elite square meters.