У певицы Эдиты Пьехи отказывают ноги

The legend of the local scene Edita experiencing health problems. In particular, the star cannot move without assistance, because she refused his feet.

To the conclusion that with the feet of the artist is not so smooth came the journalists of “Express” newspaper, who saw moves Edita backstage of the festival “Rendezvous”, organized by Laima Vaikule.

Even the “speed bumps” are for the artist a serious obstacle, according to “Express newspaper”. The paparazzi photographed the actress in a moment when she was walking down the road, firmly holding onto the arm of a strong man. The satellite was carrying a bag of the singer and a bottle of water, while the diva had in her hand a bouquet of flowers.

Note that on his retirement from the stage 72-year-old Collins announced in 2014. Then it was connected again with the health of the singer.


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