The shot of the day: the son of Oleg Gazmanov works as a model in St. Petersburg

Кадр дня: сын Олега Газманова работает моделью в Петербурге

Photos youngest son of a popular singer graced the catalogue of the infamous St. Petersburg Agency Mavrin Models. And I must admit: Philip Gazmanov – a real beauty!

18-year-old Philip Gazmanov has taken part in the first photoshoot for the Agency and demonstrated naked torso with rippling muscles. The photographer he was posing in splendid isolation, in society another model – Niki Odintsovo.

“Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline. When you see the result – it becomes addictive!” – posted by Philip under one of the photos on a specially created model for career page on Instagram.

However, the official family page by the number of subscribers is full of such filming and lovingly made Philip a selfie in front of a mirror.

Sometimes it even seems that the guy started the “big mirror disease” and this selfsuficient.

Confuses one: for the debut in the fashion business, the son of Oleg Gazmanov has chosen the Agency, which has a very scandalous reputation. Last year the official website of the Agency, which is owned by the master of erotic photos of Aleksandr Mavrin, was blocked by Roskomnadzor for the propaganda of homosexual love. Website now unavailable to view. Unlike pages on social networks.

And another strange fact: subscribers Philippa his photo shoot with the girl model for some reason is not appreciated. Addressed to the handsome showered taunts.

“As ridiculous it looks next to her. As the younger brother,” said one of the Russian users of the social network.

“This lady needs a man, not a boy,” in solidarity with him the subscriber from Germany.

But photos of Phillip demonstrates an inflated torso alone, won admiring reviews.

I wonder what he thinks about the Pope? Recall that Philip was a son of the current wife Marina Gazmanov from a previous marriage, but soon after the wedding Oleg officially adopted his stepson.

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