Как проходили съемки сериала «Друзья»: они действительно могли положиться друг на друга!

It’s been 15 years since then, as the moment the series finale of “Friends” after the shooting and successful broadcast 10 landmark seasons. But none of the members of the crew: Jennifer aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry can’t miss any opportunity of a new meeting and will be reunited on the court again!
Because of stressful work schedule of actors that do not coincide with each other, the location of the houses and distant residence from each other, the recent October meeting of the “Friends” in a luxurious house from Courteney Cox in Malibu have required considerable planning and required some time to put together a friendly company, as we know from information from a reliable insider. After such a fun and exciting party one of the participants of the company – Jennifer aniston, could not resist and posted my first story on the social network Instagram. Group photo of the entire company of “Friends” with dinner was the first in the history of the new page aniston after her account on the social network was hacked.

Как проходили съемки сериала «Друзья»: они действительно могли положиться друг на друга!
“It was not a spontaneous meeting!”, — continued the insider. “But they had the most fantastic dinner. There were many hugs, laughter and fun. At this meeting it was possible to think that they’ve never been apart and still see each other!”
Indeed, when the premiere of the TV series “Friends” in 1994, not known to all actors, very quickly came together and became friendly not only among themselves but also in the subsequent with each other’s families. And it remained later, when the actors become very famous and popular all over the world.
“They were true friends!”, says an insider. “Behind-the-scenes drama was not. They all had one common goal!”
Courteney Cox, Jennifer aniston and Lisa Kudrow were especially close, as Courtney Cox is very strongly supported Jennifer in the most difficult time for her divorce with actor brad pitt. A 55-year-old Cox was married to David Arquette, who appeared in a cameo role in the TV series “Friends” as a Stalker in 1999-2013, and 50-year-old aniston has withstood the scandals and gossip in connection with the departure of another actress angelina Jolie of her husband. It should be noted that brad pitt also made a memorable cameo role in the series in a scene at Thanksgiving in 2005 and Justin Theroux in 2017.
“They really relied on each other!”, — shared by one of the actors. The show’s producer also adds that the joint surveys from former colleagues already there, but they follow each other in life. The fact that they were at the time of each other in moments of happiness and time of sadness and grief, says a lot!”

As concerns about the long-awaited reunion on screen in the TV series “Friends” many sources argue that there is an interesting offer for the actors from one of the world’s largest conglomerates of news and entertainment profile is “WarnerMedia”, and “HBO Max”.
“Details of the offer will be kept secret!” says an insider. “But they know how much fans of the show waiting for the reunion of the actors. I hope it will happen in the near future!”

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