The ship name: the new “VIA Gra” has become Queens

Как корабль назовешь: новая «ВИА Гра» стала Queens

The new group, which included ex-soloist of “VIA gra” held a press conference.

Miss Russia – 2006 31-summer Tatyana Kotova, a former moderator of the project “Revizorro” 30-year-old Olga Romanovskaya and world champion fitness 29-year-old Santa Dimopoulos told about the nearest plans of the team. Hot trio, as one would expect, now wearing a big name – Queens, which means “Queen”. By the way, even before the official announcement of the team Tatiana Kotova asked in a blog as it should be called a group. From subscribers received offers “Melons”, “No.”, “Burning Trinity”, “Revival”, Venus girls, Gorgeous girls.

Now the girls continue working on their debut album, the first single is already recorded and until the New year promises to be a real hit. For the first time the audience will hear it on November 19 at the musical award “Golden gramophone – 2016”, after which the track will be in rotation on radio. After recording several compositions beauties will go on tour with the presentation.

As noted by the Manager Tatiana Kotova, the group was created in a short time and productively working on their future. Singer made a decision about the merger and is now actively select material. It is possible that after writing a few songs the songs of the solo career of each of the performers will be included in the list of those with whom the band will embark on tour. Those girls don’t have strict rules on participation in “VIA GRE” the girls are aware what they are doing, why and where it leads. Each realizes that hers is the responsibility for each other, for the group, for its commercial success. While the singer can continue in parallel a solo career.

The participants themselves are thinking about new horizons in their blogs.

Tatyana Kotova Olga and Santa: “I think we all intuitively drawn to happy people to recharge and be inspired… Happiness can also be contagious…”

Olga Romanovskaya: “In babsky team to find common ground – is not that easy… And it is quite normal. I have a women’s team back enough. And I’m not only about “VIA GRE”. What is one sewing school (350 girls on three men: a Director, a teacher and a mechanic – no joke! In the women’s team you learn a lot: both good and bad. The main thing that you with these people was comfortable. To want to trust them, to laugh with them, not only to tell but to listen. And I’m ready to admit their error when I will open. We have a good start. Thank you, girls!”

Santa Dimopoulos: “I am happy to work close with these girls – beautiful, confident, talented, self-sufficient and true (exception to the rule about the women’s team:)) that you become a catalyst for the return to the big show-business. Thank you for what you both mentally and physically. Thanks for the great teamwork and support! I believe in you and in us. When we are together – it’s really cool!”

One of the first new team congratulated Sergey Zverev. My blog the stylist wrote: “My Queens – new group QUEENS !!!))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations to RMG with a new project!!!))) Girls, well done!!!))) ✨✨✨✨✨”

Video posted by SERGEY ZVEREV (@zverevsuperstar) Nov 15 2016 10:48 PST

And you is the name of the band like?

  • Yes! It suits the girls.
  • No. Queen – too arrogant.
  • Another option (in the comments).