The series “War and peace” surprised the audience a new Natasha Rostova

Сериал «Война и мир» удивил зрителей новой Наташей Ростовой Last night on the First channel the premiere of the new BBC. The film is Tom Harper made an impression on the audience. They said the game the talented actress Lily James. The role of Natasha Rostova spoke about how he got in this series, and how the shooting took place.

      Сериал «Война и мир» удивил зрителей новой Наташей Ростовой

      British actress Lily James, remembered by the audience for her role in the TV series “Downton Abbey”, to appear in the new film. The 27-year-old played Natasha Rostova in the film adaptation of the novel “War and peace”.

      Series, released by Tom Harper, was the most expensive in the history of the BBC. The shooting took place in St. Petersburg, near Novgorod and Vilnius. Lily told James about how she prepared for her role in such large-scale project, and what emotions she caused the work on the painting in Russia.

      “War and peace” the BBC: a new reading or Kinoproba?

      “I never thought I would read the book. At the audition I only some idea what the novel is about, but understand what the role is, and I really wanted to chose me. I read the script first, and then the book. The script prepared me for the text of Tolstoy. I already knew the characters and avoid confusion in their names, Russian names is quite complicated,” said the star.

      According to the actress, reading the novel the great Russian classics it sucked, and she couldn’t even get off the books. The characters, described by Leo Tolstoy, seem as if alive.

      Сериал «Война и мир» удивил зрителей новой Наташей Ростовой“When I adopted the role, a friend sent me a text with a quote from the novel: “everything, Everything that I understand, I understand only because I love you.” I think that the main theme here is not war and peace, and love” – says Lily.

      During filming, the actress managed to visit Russia and to learn to stay in the saddle. James really liked in St. Petersburg. “We were shooting near the Winter Palace, in some large, old churches… I’m incredibly lucky that I was in Russia not as a tourist but as an actress. We practically lived in these places usually allowed only for a few minutes. I doubt I would be allowed to dance in the Catherine Palace. And there we were shooting the ball. When I first got there, I was amazed, I could not utter a word. I’ve never seen anything like it”, – shared his impressions of the role of Natasha Rostova.

      According to Lily, it was very difficult to play a scene in which her character is sick. On the hand of actress attached leeches, as in the days described in the novel, in this way updated blood. “I wanted to laugh and cry. It happened to me for the first time in my life. But seriously, this is one of those roles that will stay with me forever,” – said the actress in an interview with “Metro”.

      The script of the series “War and peace” Audrey Davis differs from the works of Tolstoy. According to the British, between Anatoly Kuragin and his sister Ellen could be a sexual relationship, and you see the half-naked Natasha there is nothing wrong. The film starred Paul Dano, and James Norton, Adrian Edmondson, Aisling Loftus, Jack Louden, Tuppence Middleton and Gillian Anderson in the role of Anna Pavlovna Scherer.

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