The series “the RAID”: Mashkov, Swedes, PAL and Ilyashenko in a new detective

Сериал «Налет»: Машков, Шведов, Паль и Ильяшенко в новом детективе The first channel starts showing the series of the film. The film starred Vladimir Mashkov, Alexander PAL, Andrey Smolyakov, lukeria Ilyashenko and others. They are brilliantly reincarnated into police officers who in the fight for the truth ready to go at all.

From April 10 on the First channel starts the action series “the RAID”. The danger of confusing the investigation, chase and, of course, love is not all that will see the audience for the new film. “The starting point” event is becoming the crime leader of the investigation team, major Andrei Ryzhov, played by actor Andrey Smolyakov. Police do not have enough alibis to prove his innocence to the case. Despite the fact that typically major behaves quite restrained, with everything going on, he has a psychotic break – he gives vent to emotions that played in his favor and only exacerbated the situation. Of despair the man decides to commit suicide.

Сериал «Налет»: Машков, Шведов, Паль и Ильяшенко в новом детективе

A friend of Andrey Ryzhov, Oleg Kaplan decides to prove the innocence of his leader, and intends to investigate independently. He encourages colleagues to help him solve this case to restore the good name of major. Hero Vladimir Mashkov bit of a loner and kept to himself. However colleagues believed in his idea and willing to work with him to restore justice.

However, the whole operation came under threat from Pavel Karpenko, played by Denis Shvedov. In the story, a man is fond of gambling. Despite the fact that he vowed to his wife to abandon the addiction, he couldn’t resist the temptation. Once again tried to happiness, he loses a large sum of money. This not only aggravates the relationships in his family, but also affects the investigation of major Ryzhov.

“My hero is responsible for brute force and for family values” – that characterized Paul Karpenko actor Denis Shvedov.
Сериал «Налет»: Машков, Шведов, Паль и Ильяшенко в новом детективе

Struggling with his weaknesses and COP Fedor Wachowski – he turns fleeting love Affairs with numerous girls, and also not averse to indulge in forbidden means. Team hero Alexander PAL , the youngest. Colleagues refer to him as his ward and trying to instruct on the right path.

The only girl in the team – Oksana Golikova. She, along with all want to seek justice and find the real criminals, which accused her boss. However, the heroine of Lukeria Ilyashenko rip contradictions – in order to get her evidence together with all the need to circumvent the law. The lukeria Ilyashenko: “I Reproach myself for not able to say goodbye to father”

Four policeman have to deal with different trials on the way to the truth. However, the picture is not without a love line. Despite the isolation and brutality of the hero Vladimir Mashkov, he was the main target number of women in the series.