У сериала «Кухня» появилось неожиданное продолжение!
In Moscow, started shooting a sketch show “Semapedia” .

У сериала «Кухня» появилось неожиданное продолжение!

Photo: STS

In Moscow, started shooting a sketch show “Semapedia” — a new spin-off
the Comedy hit of STS “Kitchen”. The history of the most popular heroes restaurants Claude
Monet and Victor — Canopy and Fedi — has received unexpected continuation and a separate
the culinary life. In the story of two chefs-each decide to open a business, buying
street truck and enlisting in gastronomy war for hungry pedestrians.

“Senya and Fyodor, though minor
the characters in the famous “Kitchen”, but has always been loved by the audience, not STS
less than its main characters, — says Vyacheslav Murugov, General Director
“STS Media”. — It was one of the main reasons we decided to create
spin-off devoted to these wonderful characters. Sure
own story Canopy and Fedi will appeal to our audience as much
like a sitcom, where they first met these lovely and very
funny guys”.

General producer of CTC media and the Director of the series “Kitchen” Anton Fedotov
says the new project is “alternative developments of life and Canopy

“These characters are two of the most colourful masks “Kitchen”, which kept the main
the humor of the series, — said Fedotov. We thought it would be interesting
look at the adventures of this couple, something resembling characters in the film
“Dumb and dumber”, in completely new circumstances, abstracting from the
the familiar world of restaurants Claude Monet and Victor”.

Who will be the chef what menu, who handles advertising and marketing and
the end, who will turn the steering wheel, and who to point the way and not
the only issues come between best friends. Going independent
swimming, the characters are not aware of the difficulties that will be faced not
only in the gastronomy business, but also on the personal. So, henpecked and
family-oriented Hsien learns the bachelor life and even take a line from Fyodor.

Photo: STS