The series “Kitchen” celebrates five years!

Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!
The creators project celebrates the anniversary of the release of the feature film “the Kitchen. The last battle”.

Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!

Exactly five years ago, Studio Yellow, Black and White and CTC Media was
conceived the series “Kitchen”, which broke all records of popularity, won
the hearts of millions of viewers, was shown in more than 20 countries, lived
my life in 2 books, animated series, spin-off “Hotel Eleon” and
2-full-length films Studio Yellow, Black and White Comedy “Kitchen
in Paris” (2014). and the new film “the Kitchen. The last battle” which will be released on
the big screens of the country on 20 April 2017.

The second feature film will be the final chord, the final
the story of a team of chef Victor Barinov. This new painting will be
interesting not only for fans of the series “Kitchen” and the Comedy “Kitchen in Paris”, but
and those who are not yet familiar with the heroes franchise.

Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!

“Kitchen” fell in love immediately! It
like it was a blast waves, which many times has spread all over the country and still not
calm down, — said Vitaly Shlyappo, General
producer Yellow, Black and White, and the head of the authors group. Projects
the franchise became a spectator! Due to this we took
the decision to return, but on the big screens of the country, favorite characters in the movie “the Kitchen. The last battle”.

General Director of “STS Media” Vyacheslav
Murugov said that five years ago, when he and his colleagues smashed a dish on the filming of the first season, they
believed in the success of the project, but nobody could expect what will be the result.

I am very glad that the start of the “Kitchen” gave us not only a superstar six
seasons equally popular spin-off, but was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with
our permanent partners of Yellow, Black and White. “Kitchen”,
of course, was one of those projects, which determined the vector of development not
just STS, but in the whole Russian industry of television production”, — he stressed.

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Movies with the stars:

  • Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!


    Love rent

    Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!



    Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!


    What men still talk

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  • Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!
    Elena Armin Van Buuren

  • Сериал «Кухня» празднует пятилетие!
    Sergey Lavygin

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