У сериала «Восток-Запад» появится продолжение
The film company Star Media channel “Dомашний” started filming the new season.

Frame from the series “East-West”

Photo: press service

Film Star
Media channel “Dомашний” started filming the new season
the Russo-Turkish TV series “East-West”.

the season was full of memorable events and filled with passionate love
of the main characters. Marriage of Tatiana (the actress Evgeniya Loza) and Igor (actor Yakov
Kucherevsky) broke up an affair with a fertility specialist Kemal (actor Adnan Koc) has gone too far, love meeting and bright
separation of a pair of all season forced the audience to rush to the screen. By the end of
the first season fans of the Russo-Turkish passions finally came the wedding
Tatiana and Kamal, when suddenly a paternity test revealed that the father of their child
is Igor…

the season will be more action-Packed compared to the first, — said the Director Denis the mount of olives.— If
in the first season, a key theme was the search for his own happiness, the main
the problem of the new season – how to keep it when life goes downhill. Life
the main characters and their environment is changing dramatically, but all of them remain with us.
There will be two new heroines, young Russian girls, their storylines
will overlap with many heroes. Looking ahead to say that they will get in
trouble in Turkey. This season will be more action, more
detective stories. Will develop a new love interest, as well as
continues the intrigue around the child… the Audience is waiting for an unpredictable ending, as well as
in the first season.”

“In the first season of heroes was trying to get used to
with cultural differences to be together, — says Natalya Klevtsova, General producer of the channel “Dомашний”. In the end they
managed to overcome all obstacles, and they are reunited. This season we
will see what they are willing to go to save so painstakingly created
the Russo-Turkish family.”

the new season again will be held in two countries — Turkey and Ukraine.

You will find
whether Tatyana happiness in Turkey or return Home? Who is the father of her child? What
to do with her life when she rapidly crumbling? Answers — in the new season
the Russo-Turkish TV series “East-West”.

the series will last until autumn 2017, and the show on TV “Dомашний” is scheduled in early 2018