The Sergey Lazarev song hit the charts “Eurovision” contest

Песня Сергея Лазарева попала в чарты «Евровидения» до конкурса

This situation at the international competition arose for the first time.

Yesterday Sergey Lazarev assured fans and journalists that will not reveal the details of the room to “Eurovision”, and today it became known that his hit was in the charts competition. That is, to hide his speech from the European public is 100% the artist failed…

But as they say, all the better. There is information that the Europeans were delighted with the songs of Lazarev and predicting by our victory.

The hit “You Are the Only One” with whom Sergey Lazarev will perform at “Eurovision”, – the creativity of our pop king Philip Kirkorov and Greek composer Dimitris of Kontopoulos. They, according to the latest data, go to the contest together with Sergei and will be around to help him and support.

Perhaps together with Lazarev we also finally see him and the girl he supposedly dedicated the hit to competition.

Currently Sergey is preparing to conquer the world and almost all day rehearsing your room.

“Now comes the final stage of preparation for the “Eurovision”. Especially for rehearsals recently arrived back singers from Sweden, with whom I will compete at the contest, – said in the days of Sergei fans and journalists. — Uncover the intrigue regarding my room, I will not. A lot of rumours. But I want to say that I know the truth and my team. I want the viewer felt unprepared emotions during my performances. I will say only: this room is difficult for me physically. Else you have seen on the first runs in Stockholm on 2 may”.

Sergey also noted that, despite the high chances of winning which he promised, to relax he did not intend. “I want to ask everyone not to rush things. Recall that forecasts are made on the basis of the song, but most importantly – how it will be performed at the contest. So please, don’t hang on me the burden of responsibility”, – said the singer. Read more HERE.

International music contest “Eurovision 2016” will be held in Sweden from 10 to 14 may. Last year our country was represented by Polina Gagarina and took second place. Also, at different times, from Russia to the contest went Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Alsu, Dima Bilan and others.

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