Расставание с женой вызвало у Криса Мартина депрессию

This topic has been talked a lot, and still interview Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are to their personal life, not work. So, answering the questions of journalists “Sunday Times” the musician said that after breaking up with his wife fell into a depression.
“Even now it is hard for me, I often Wake up depressed, but now I feel like a tool, to improve my mood” — said the musician.

So, Chris finds peace in reading the poems of the Persian poet Rumi. In one of the verses, says Martin, he found answers to many questions. For example, read about what all the tests, sent from above, given to all of us over with a specific purpose.
“The year I spent in depression. This time I needed to understand myself. I can be aggressive to accuse someone, but what does it change? I just decided, so to speak, to bring yourself to repair to the garage to disassemble itself into parts, clean them and reassemble” said Martin.
I must say that formally Gwen and Chris are still husband and wife, so that their separation and divorce is difficult to call.
“Mo, I think this is the best option of divorce. He, of course, a little strange. I’m not really feeling it like that, rather see it like this: you meet a man who will spend with him some time, after everything changes again and becomes full circle,” said Martin.
Paltrow married Martin in 2003. The couple have two children – eleven-year-old nine-year-old Apple and Moses.

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