Секреты соблазнения мужчин от Ирины Понаровской The singer publicly declared his love for a painter. It happened many years ago during one of the concerts. Friend Irina Ponarovskaya Victor Nachalov told about the incident, remembering how charming she looked a star.
Секреты соблазнения мужчин от Ирины Понаровской

Now local stars made from each concert to do a show with special effects, flying designs and breathtaking dancing show-ballet. In 90 of these opportunities for artists is simply not there. But it would not hurt to surprise the audience with bright costumes, bold numbers. Queen outrageous was considered to be singer Irina Ponarovskaya. In the early 2000s, she stopped appearing in public, lived in three countries – Russia, Estonia and Norway, where the artist, according to rumors, are the son and grandson.

To this day any secular parties Ponarovskaya prefer a quiet solitary life. No plans to make an exception even for the 65th anniversary, which celebrates 12 Mar. Legends about her performances go so far. One of them remembered producer and close friend Victor Nachalov.

“Irina Vitalievna we met in 1992 on the program “Morning star”. She was in the jury estimated the performances of the contestants. And went to the scene of my 12 year old daughter Julia, who took first place. After summing up backstage, we were approached by the Director of the actress and said, “Ponarovskaya asks to look in the dressing room, immediately!” My daughter and I looked at each other and went. The whole room literally buried in flowers, and Irina was sitting at a mirror and carefully adjusted the makeup. Seeing us, she got distracted, and began to praise: “Julia, you’re in for a terrific future! Most importantly – never give up!” and invited her to tour Russia. They toured for more than six years. Daughter jokingly said that during this time he graduated from the Institute for noble maidens, because Irina Vitalievna taught her not only to sing, to hold the audience, but also the ability to dress with style, manners and even diet – her suffering daughter dropped about seven pounds in a month. During a tour of Siberia I managed to get a last-minute, “green” concert – so called because the musicians are satisfied with each other and the audience different podlyanki jokes. For example, a singer performs, and the bow comes out a completely different person. I’m such an arsehole. Once appeared on stage with accordion, in the middle of the room made it look like he slipped, I rushed to rescue people from the first row. After all, the tool is heavy. But the guards managed to calm everyone down.

That night, Irina appeared on stage in a bright red dress, sang a love song. Just do not reproduce, but in the chorus were the words, “He returned, as promised…” the Singer had a beautiful gesture seemed about to cry, so missed the song through. The audience watched spellbound. In the middle of the room from backstage suddenly appeared a man. He looked, to put it mildly, not very like a painter after a hard shift – overalls covered with paint, on the head strange hat with a huge brim, and even in the hand of a dirty bag.
Секреты соблазнения мужчин от Ирины Понаровской

This work as if nothing had happened went to the middle of the stage. Someone from the audience shouted: “You are the door is not wrong?” Irina Vitalievna continued singing like nothing was noticed. Vigilant lady approached the receptionist and asked: “Call security. What kind of weirdo wanders around the stage?” The request was ignored.

Suddenly the hall lights went out and turned on a single spotlight on the singer. She sharply turned towards the man and beckoned his index finger, loudly, once again tightening the words: “He came back, as promised!” Irina walked slowly to the side of the worker. I nice – did you get everything, wants to leave the scene.

But the man abruptly stopped the singer, grabbing his waist and hugged him! Suddenly Ponarovskaya and the stranger began to dance a slow, passionate dance. The audience gasped, and then started standing to clap and whistle. Then it dawned on me that today is “green” concert!
Секреты соблазнения мужчин от Ирины Понаровской

Irina Vitalievna was always the Queen of pranks. It is a pity that now it’s not playing anywhere. I think Ponarovskaya would give the heat a modern show-business!”