The secret Yevgeny Tsyganov opened in Omsk

Секрет Евгения Цыганова раскрыли в Омске
The sudden recognition of women Directors.

Секрет Евгения Цыганова раскрыли в Омске

Yevgeny Tsyganov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Секрет Евгения Цыганова раскрыли в Омске

Valeria Gai Germanika

Photo: Instagram Valeria Gai Germanicus

That at the 5th national festival of film debuts
“Movement” in Omsk, in the first two days showed films made by women (and we are
talking about the opening film “the Student” Oksana Karas and the presentation of the series “Kids”
Sayfullaeva, Nigina and “Bonus” by Valeria Gai Germanicus), is not surprising.

The feminization of the film industry is leaps and bounds. Directors-women take off
successful films will receive prizes of prestigious festivals and national
awards. The same Anna Melikyan, whose project “the Quartet” was presented last
year’s “Movement”, for his film “About love” received Grand-Prix of the “Kinotavr”
and “Golden eagle” in the nomination “the Best film of the year”.

“Women’s boom” in the Russian cinema became a topic of discussion at
the roundtable, which was held in Omsk. This trend, incidentally,
occurs worldwide, but in Russia, women thronging strong
half in the direction of increasingly active. And it is good, even
skeptics-critics recognize that women’s cinema is very different quality
and particularly working with the actors, which reveals in a new way.

Секрет Евгения Цыганова раскрыли в Омске

Yana Gladkikh and Nikita Efremov in the movie Oksana Karas “Student”, which was shown at the opening of the festival

Photo: still from the film

An unexpected hero was Yevgeny Tsyganov, who performed
the main role in the series “Kids”. That’s what an actor like no other,
I love women Directors. He played in the film Melikyan “About love” now Nigina
Sayfullaeva invited him to your project. And, as said producer Elena Yatsura, Tsyganov has reached such a level that women are willing to watch a movie
just because of his stubble. More recently, in the “Thaw” Todorovski, he was
others. But women Directors discovered his secret and so no one requires
his smooth-shaven face, on the contrary, this brutality is considered untidy
the key to success. And it is impossible not to agree, because in all the latest
projects including “Drunk firm” (the premiere of this series was held in 2016 in Omsk), Eugene starred unshaven. And each time it is
the appearance on the screen always produces a magical effect on the spectators.

Секрет Евгения Цыганова раскрыли в Омске

President of the festival “Movement” Artem Mikhalkov

Photo: Gregory Bezenchuk

Discussed at the festival and techniques Valeria Gai Germanicus. On
“Movement” for the first time showed the pilot her new series “Bonus”, filmed in the genre
a rap musical. Artem Mikhalkov, who has worked with this Director, noticed as
Valery surprisingly able to convince the producers. She, for example, allow you to remove
project for several years, while unconcerned about the fact that along the way she decides
some personal problems, getting married, giving birth, divorce. Perhaps the reason
that Gai Germanika always remain a real woman and comes to
business meetings in this form, if after negotiations, she immediately goes to
the red carpet of the Cannes film festival.

Anna Mikhalkov and Aleksei Popogrebsky

Photo: Gregory Bezenchuk

Generally, of course, the discussion of gender inequality at the festival
which is headed by the General producer Polina Zueva – it is strange… Good
positions expressed on this occasion, Anna Mikhalkova, who said that
the result does not depend on who the Director is male or female. Success
the film is not affected by gender, but quite another thing:
a good Director makes a movie good or bad.

But Anna still talked about “sick” theme.
Mikhalkov once again confirmed that in our film production fees Actresses
as a rule, lower than the income of the actors. In this case, the only
happy for women Directors, because, according to the producer of the TV series
“Kids” and “Bonus” Valery Fedorovich, their salary in most cases
corresponds to the level of male Directors.