The secret to slimming Polina Gagarina village on a diet after giving birth

Секрет стройности: Полина Гагарина села на диету после родов

No news that popular singer full-bodied. Now, after my second child was born, Polina Gagarina gained weight, so afraid to get better even more and desperately wants to return to the previous form. For this, she believes she needs to lose at least 7 pounds.

The singer said that has become fuller and is aware of this report. According to her, in life the figure looks tolerably well, but on the screen it would be a disaster, as the camera adds 7 pounds. These ill-fated kilograms Gagarina need to clean.
Of course, the singer realizes that not quickly come to the desired parameters. She even gave almost her entire wardrobe to charity. Now she, like any girl, looks forward to when they will be able to go shopping.
Polina Gagarina, do not hesitate, share pressing issues of a slim figure with their fans. She recently talked about the fact that the supernova of the village on a rigid diet, which will allow her to get back in shape after childbirth.
The singer completely eliminated from your diet salt and sugar. Her daily menu consists of boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and clean water. With such varied food without frills are the days of a young mother.
However, Gagarin was a bit disingenuous – the singer has already returned to active work. Your quick exit from the decree, it is argued that very bored at work and just physically can’t sit at home.
We will remind, Polina Gagarina gave birth to her second child on April 26 at the prestigious Moscow clinic. She hid his position to protect against Intrusive media attention.
My daughter Gagarin has chosen an unusual Scandinavian name MIA. According to happy mom, the girl quickly develops and in a month it became actively COO. Also, I really like her star mom sings, and not only lullabies.
The father of a newborn and the husband of Polina Gagarina — star photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. For his first child. A new father could not get enough of his daughter and constantly took pictures for the family archive. The couple keeps a secret personal life, why not upload a photo of MIA on the social network.
Note that the first 9-year-old Polina from marriage with actor Peter Kislov.