The secret return to Russia: Julia Savicheva why hiding from fans?

Тайное возвращение в Россию: почему Юлия Савичева скрывается от фанатов?
Gave birth to the singer flew with my daughter from Portugal.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

Late last night, the Network appeared the first pictures of Yulia Savicheva after childbirth. They were made in Russia, which implies the logical conclusion that the artist returned from Portugal, where was born her daughter Anna. The return of the actress had a secret: neither she nor her producer Maxim Fadeev was not informed about the arrival of the singer, which surprised several fans. Unknown even the date of arrival: Julia could return to the days, and could fly to Moscow a couple of weeks ago.

The behavior of the graduate of “Factory of stars” for a year that intrigues her fans. The fact that in the autumn of 2016 Julia led a reclusive lifestyle, scored the social network and ceased to appear at social events. It later received its partial explanation: Savicheva just didn’t want to publicize their pregnancy. But why is she still hiding from everyone, even after the announcement of the birth of the child, remains for fans of the mystery.

Even more confusing is the fact that Fadeev categorically in February of this year, has denied rumours about the pregnancy of his ward. “All nonsense. It makes a couple of strange people: they wrote a lie, she called my mother, seemed to other people, and then wrote. This information has no relation to reality!” — said Fadeev. Maxim assured everyone that Julia is on sabbatical and is preparing to record a new album. Fans are still wondering: what was this conspiracy, or maybe the producer of the stars were actually not aware of the “regulations” Savicheva?

By the way, fans still can’t make peace with Yulia phrase of letters to her daughter, where they saw a hint of the problems Savicheva health. “You may be surprised how many people were waiting, how many people have you greeted. How long have we been going to this. How much strength and nerves had been spent in order to say you today good morning!” — said in a message to Julia. However, fans hope that soon Julia will return to the speeches and will share with the fans details about the events of the past year.