The secret of Regina Todorenko — stretching from the tendons of the mountain goats

Секрет Регины Тодоренко — вытяжка из сухожилия горной козы
The host of the TV program “heads and tails” owns the most exotic ways of losing weight.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Oleg Avilov

Circled almost the entire world, Regina, not without reason, considers himself an expert in massage and all sorts of ways to lose weight. “Oh, Yes, I’m a man massage! — says TV presenter. — What did not tried! I really like Chinese acupressure. The Chinese know which points to press to relax you. The super pros! One of the best sessions I had in Mozambique. Massage girl with insanely strong arms. Don’t know how she managed to take on five clients a night. A stunning Filipina that make a two-hour Thai massage for only $ 5! And because they do better than in Thailand, where massage therapists are confident that tourists to them come, try — not try. And on Hainan island, I studied all types of massage, including extreme. I was stuck a huge needle is called Igloo. And injected the serum is the extract of the tendons of the mountain goats for the breakdown of the accumulated fat. And so I have accumulated… my French bread “diet” — with a laugh said Todorenko.

Jokes aside, but called presenter tools in Oriental medicine is considered effective. They contribute to the improvement of hoax substances, strengthens the processes of decay of subcutaneous fat and, in addition, provide your body with the powerful energy support, allowing long enough not to lose power.

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