The second wife of Prince Charles was trying to break up Prince William and Kate Middleton — the author of the book “Game of crowns”

Вторая жена принца Чарльза пыталась разлучить принца Уильяма и Кейт Миддлтон — утверждает автор книги «Игра короны»

In the UK published a book by Christopher Andersen’s “Game of crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Catherine and the throne” in which the author revealed the secrets of his personal life Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and other members of the Royal family.

Journalist Christopher Andersen (Christopher Andersen) has released a new book,”Game of crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate and the throne” (Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate & the Throne), which was devoted, in particular, three of the most famous representatives of the ruling family of great Britain is the wife of Prince William (Prince William) Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton), second wife of Prince Charles (Prince Charles) the Duchess Camilla (Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall) and the Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II).

Thus one of the key points of the book is the story about the relationship of Prince Charles and actress Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand). According to the author, Prince Charles was keen on her. In 1968, when the film came out Funny girl (Funny Girl), the heir to the throne watched it three times. Portrait of Streisand graced his room in Cambridge and at Buckingham Palace.

They first met in 1974, when 26-year-old Charles duty was in Los Angeles. About the first meeting Streisand after remembering that is too nervous. “Who knows, maybe if I was nicer to him, he would have been the first Jewish Princess”, — joked the actress. In 1994 they again saw each other the evening, and after ten months of Streisand arrived in London. The workers of the Palace said, what I saw that the actress and the Prince together in the Cabinet of Charles, and they both looked really worried.

Representative Barbra Streisand not yet made any comment about it.

The second wife of Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Christopher Andersen wrote that she has influenced not only the gap between their current spouse and his first wife Princess Diana (Princess Diana), but was behind the breakup of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2007. Andersen claims that Camille wanted to distract the public’s attention from the pair and focus it on yourself.

The author also said that for the novel Catherine and William should thank my mother Kate, Carol Middleton (Carol Middleton). “Carol went to Kate to Florence, to convince her that the University of St Andrews will give her something that will not give any other University in the world: close to the future king of England,” writes Andresen.

The representative of Charles and Camilla refused to comment on written in the book, and an insider told the Daily Star that actually cause a temporary rupture of Prince William and Kate Middleton was the grandson of the Queen of readiness for family life.

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