Второй ребенок Дмитрия Тарасова может родиться уже этим летом According to rumors, Anastasia Kostenko is preparing for the replenishment of the family. The model and her choice Dmitry Tarasov prefer not to respond to the discussion about the possible appearance of their total first child. Recently, reporters found, how far along the girl is.

Here for that week on the Network do not cease rumors about the pregnancy of his wife of Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko. Recently the footballer was a birthday party in one of capital restaurants. Internet users discussed not only the vocal skills of the athlete, staged a concert in front of friends at a karaoke, but interesting and a possible position as his lady. Some even noticed the rounded belly, Anastasia.

Recently, reporters found the time to which Kostenko and Tarasov will become parents. A joyful event in a couple’s life will occur in July. Correspondents received information from an unnamed “reliable” source. About how have an insider friend Anastasia and Dimitri or work in the clinic, where the applied model is not specified.

Kostenko herself prefers not to respond to the increased attention to his person. The girl does not refut nor confirm the rumors about the upcoming addition to the family, which gives rise to more gossip. Anastasia is sure that happiness love peace, so do not advertise the details of your personal life.

The news of the pregnancy of lady Dmitriy Tarasov appeared in January of this year. At the same time, which is Anastasia Kostenko, was not declassified. A few days later journalists reported that the model underwent a routine ultrasound in one of the capital’s medical centers. After footage of the visit, according to the experts appeared online, she did not react to speculation of the public.

January 29, Dmitry Tarasov played a magnificent wedding with Anastasia Kostenko and married her. A few days before important events the couple has registered relations in the registry office. It is known that the player did sweetheart proposal during a romantic trip to the Maldives. At the marriage ceremony Tarasov and Kostenko was attended by their many relatives and friends, only about 150 people. Among the honored guests of the newlyweds were T-killah, Vitaly Gogunsky, Amiran Sardarov and ILO. The celebration was held in the Banquet hall of hotel Ritz-Carlton, friends Dmitry and Anastasia entertained Nikolay Baskov, Victoria Lopyreva, Svetlana Loboda and other figures of show business.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko has planned a Grand wedding

Some fans of the couple think that Dmitry decided to marry Anastasia, as she is in an interesting position. Journalists Peopletalk are confident that soon the couple will make an official statement about the upcoming replenishment in the family.