“The sea worries – time”

«Море волнуется – раз» My last week was so variegated that if you sew in all the events quilt patchwork, it can hide a Red square or a crowd of sunbathers in the Swiss mountains.

    «Море волнуется – раз»

    Rewarding the best bloggers in Russia, the birthday of the owner “the Independent newspaper” Konstantin remchukova, where you can meet everyone from the U.S. Ambassador to Ivan Urgant, a concert dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Patriarch (he put Andrei Konchalovsky and conducted Nikita Mikhalkov), the anniversary of the Museum Olga Sviblova with there opened an exhibition of Sergei Eisenstein.

    I flew to Kazan, where he held the draw for the FIFA confederations Cup 2017 – the last rehearsal tournament before the world Cup, and had dinner with the head of the House of Trussardi, Tomaso Trussardi, who boasted that his wife is also a famous TV presenter.

    And among the recent initiatives Michelle Hunziker is a popular flash mob “Dummy challenge”, in which all people, wherever they are, frozen in various poses and filming the video. “You become a party to, Andrew?” asked Tomaso. I shook my head and explained that is not up to it.

    “But our deputies from “United Russia”, – assured I am an Italian businessman, your wife supported and stood right in the corridor of the state Duma, and then posted the video on the Internet”.

    Happy! Can afford once a regional seven-day period when they leave for a week for work with voters, be celebrated and in the flashmob.