The scandalous revelations of Princess Diana’s hurt Charles to be king

Скандальные откровения принцессы Дианы помешают Чарльзу стать королем
The British were shocked by the confessions of the former wife of heir to the throne.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles


This year the British
had to go through a shock. The fact that Channel 4 released video confessions of Princess Diana, who
was made at the time by journalist Andrew Morton in preparation for writing
his book, “Diana. Her true story” in 1992. And these records rocked
subjects of Elizabeth II.

Of course,
the affair of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, at the time when it was legal
husband of Diana, knew everything. And the book of Morton was read by many. But the book was published
for a long time and he was included in the presentation not all of the records. Besides,
it’s one thing to read and quite another to hear it from the mouth of Diana
talked about his marriage with Charles very emotional…

most of the audience skandalisierung told Diana the story of how
Charles practiced with Camille “phone sex” not caring too much about
his wife could all hear. Princess
spoke about this in detail, citing specific conversations lovers.

No less
the shock produced by the reaction of Charles to Diana’s accusations that he had betrayed her, and not
left, as promised, Camille. “I’m not gonna be the first in the history
Britain’s Prince of Wales, who would not a mistress.” said Charles, who, as every direct successor
see, traditionally, bears this title. Upset
viewers and the Queen herself. She, according to Diana, in response to the request
affect the son and to end his affair with Camilla supposedly
said, “I Advise you to accept it. Charles is hopeless!”

Incidentally, the display of these movies can provide
a major influence on the history of Britain. After all, held after the screening of confessions
Diana poll, only 22 percent of respondents now believe that Charles has
the right to become the next king. Such a low rating Prince was not a very long time — since the death of Diana. Of course, by law, that the eldest son of Queen
should inherit the throne. However, this negative public opinion can
to force Charles to abdicate in favor of his son — that is, William.