The scandalous party “House-2” had a fight with his family because rhinoplasty

Скандальный участник «Дома-2» поругался с семьей из-за ринопластики Parents Vova, Gauti tried to dissuade him from the operation. According to relatives of the men, he didn’t have to go under the surgeon’s knife, despite the desire to make the nose more perfect. Himself a former inhabitant of telestroke did not listen to the opinions of relatives.

      Скандальный участник «Дома-2» поругался с семьей из-за ринопластики

      Ex-participant of the project “Dom-2” Vladimir Alekseev, known to the General public under the name Vova, Gauti, like many members of the home electroni of the country, were on the table star surgeon Gayk Pavlovic Babayan. “I’m doing the surgery for yourself, – said Vova “StarHit”. – I want to add aesthetics appearance – to remove the hump and make the nose slightly smaller. Being in the Seychelles, I broke it, unsuccessfully diving into the pool, and now I have not as direct as before. This is the second time I damaged the nose – the first time I broke it as a youth, after an accident I damaged the face in the rear view mirror and airbag. So the idea of carrying about rhinoplasty for a long time”.

      According to Vova, to lie on the table of a surgeon, he was not afraid. “The last time I had an operation in his childhood, when he removed inguinal hernia. Therefore, regarding the anesthesia I was a little worried. on the other hand, I understand that in our time, medicine is almost perfect and safe, and therefore no reason to fear as a whole was not.”

      Girl of Vladimir, Katya supports his desire to change the shape of the nose. But parents, however, believe that surgical intervention of their son is not required, but it is not listening to them.

      “I had already decided, – the former participant “Houses-2″. Especially after mom and dad will see the result, I’m sure they’ll like it”.

      After surgery, Gauti joined the list of celebrities from “House-2” decided on rhinoplasty. At different times, because of the desire to change the shape of the nose on the surgical table lay Darya Pynzar, Ekaterina Kolesnichenko, Snezana cambourg, Elena Bushina, Eugene Feofilaktova, Victoria romanet, Aliana Gobozova, Anton Gusev, Kate Susan, Marina “Mexico” and other celebrities.