The scandalous conversation of prunerov with Friske and Shepelev have aired

Скандальный разговор пранкеров с Фриске и Шепелевым вышел в эфир During transmission of NTV “the call” Vova, and Lexus tried to land Dmitry Shepelev and Vladimir Borisovich to the negotiating table. Despite many disagreements, both sides expressed the willingness to meet each other in the interests of a small Plato.

      Скандальный разговор пранкеров с Фриске и Шепелевым вышел в эфир

      NTV held a screening of the new show “the call”, where the pranker Vova, and Lexus brought together Dmitry Shepelev, civil husband Zhanna Friske and the father who died tragically of singer Vladimir Borisovich. They called the conflicting parties allegedly on behalf of their opponents to try to reconcile Shepelev and Friske.

      The transfer came on the air despite the fact that the last member of the program sent a letter to the head of the channel, which laid claim to the television. He also stated that the information obtained as a result of the telephone conversation, it is personal and family privacy.

      The family of Jeanne Friske gave an answer to media

      Despite the demands of Vladimir Borisovich, prank show still aired. During the program, the father of Zhanna Friske said that he is ready to reconcile with Dmitry Shepelev. According to Vladimir Friske, Dmitry all need to forget and to come to consensus. He also assured the media that can show all necessary documents and receipts that prove the absence of the fact of embezzlement of money from his side.

      “Me for what will be planted? You’re not was still an investigator? We never painted with Olga that we are answering for that, we have to return some money… Dima, you don’t know what I have. Everything that belonged to Jeanne, go to Plato, but mine is Natasha and Plato. Everything we have — everything for a child. Dima, I know that you love him. But we also love very much”, — said Vladimir Borisovich to the statement that it can be put in jail for embezzlement of money collected for the treatment of his daughter.

      Vladimir Borisovich also said that he and Dmitri have created each other obstacles. In addition, he stressed that he was not going to deprive a child of the father. “We’re two idiots, you know, Dima. We embarrassed Joan to the whole world. When I come to her grave, I feel ashamed in front of Elya, so we can not. I don’t know how you’re still not insane… I wanted to kill you. You I was almost driven to madness, but I found the strength not to spend the rest of his life in prison. I hate to speak on this subject,” he said, crying, Vladimir Borisovich.

      “I don’t mind you communicating with your child. But there are many troubles that you have done, and this will have to be dealt separately. I want to have Plato were grandma and grandpa, and I have no right to say who is good and who is bad. But you came to me with weapons and the platoon, brought the guys who are on the Federal wanted list… I feel as if unhinged, and it’s hard for me. But you, Volodya, even harder. I do not defend myself, and the child. I’m going to do it as long as you don’t calm down… I saw, I know what you did,” said Shepelev.

      John said that he loved Jeanne and loved her still. If he had feelings for her, you would not care about her, trying to win for her two years of life. Shepelev also said that this time was the hardest in his life, and it made it to age and turn gray. But he did not regret what they did for Jeanne.

      Shepelev has admitted that he is not against to solve everything peacefully. But it noted that it is not fighting, but trying to save Plato. At the end of the alleged conversation with Mr B. he expressed his willingness to sit down at the negotiating table.

      Mother Zhanna Friske for the first time spoke about the missing millions

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