Скандал с Валерием Меладзе получил продолжение
The singer responded to the unfounded accusations of the fan.

Photo: Instagram

A few days ago Valery Meladze has done quite a common thing to do. The singer showed the Network his new acquisition — the car “Mercedes” worth more than five million rubles. Valeriy shotaevich, of course, just wanted to make fans happy for him, because these machines in the refurbished body only just appeared in Russia. However, from human envy him the escape failed.

“The weather is warm, it’s time to change to summer machine!” — he signed photo.

On the one hand it should be clear that the star of such level, as Valery Meladze probably has in his garage more than one car. On the other hand, fans of the singer seemed inappropriate to emphasize their wealth in front of people in a country where many take the Lada Kalina in the loan for 5 years.

“As I live!”, “Someone changes clothes and shoes with the onset of the new season, and some machines…”, “Immodest”, “just like rubber winter to summer change!” is the most innocent of envious comments that left people in a personal blog Meladze.

And some members have allowed themselves to speak obscenely and openly accuse Valeriy Shotaevich that he had “snickering” and lived luxuriously, instead of to help others.

Meladze recently created in the famous social network, therefore, does not know what hate is, unfortunately, a mandatory attribute of the Internet. And he decided to answer one of the most negative-minded subscribers.

“This pussy says from a closed account, that he did not respond. I don’t advertise a charity, I just help what I can do dozens of people from the moment you receive your first payment!” — said Meladze.

Fans supported their favorite singer, advising not to pay attention to the haters. By the way, many colleagues have written their comments in support of Meladze. For example, Joseph Prigogine and Alexei Chumakov.