Скандал с результатами ЕГЭ Стеши Маликовой принял новый поворот The CPS reviewed records from the exams. Stefaniya Malikova recently shared with subscribers microblog results on the Russian language and mathematics. The followers do not believe in the veracity of estimates and accused the girl of cheating.
Скандал с результатами ЕГЭ Стеши Маликовой принял новый поворот

Successor Dmitry Malikov Stefania will soon have to do in high school. For further education beauty chose the Moscow state Institute of international relations. That’s why the blonde was diligently preparing for the delivery of basic subjects after school. The girl managed to obtain a high score on the Russian language and mathematics – both subjects she passed on “excellent”.

However, speaking about the brilliant results to subscribers “Instagram” Malikov, Jr., faced with a barrage of negative comments. Followers accused the teenager of the dishonest examination and even purchase such a high score. At the end of such statements, the CPS conducted its own review, which considered the video of Stesha exam.

Reported violations among classmates of stars was observed. All pupils, including the girl who wrote the work in accordance with the rules of procedure and received the grades they deserve. But, of course, such hype has negatively affected the mood Malikova. The young celebrity was posted in a microblog post, in which he rebuffed the ill-wishers. She noted that we really deserved this result, after all, made it yourself, without the help of famous parents. Stashu Malikov ridiculed for exam results

“And while I rejoice with 91 points in Russian, I want to say to all those that passed, honestly. (I can send my essay and the text of the most “intelligent” people who say that all purchased). I passed on such a high score only due to the fact that were working very hard and practiced every day. No one in my family has ever bought, and I have no guarantee that I will go where I want it. But! I really hope all goes and is well.”

Users of social networks hastened to support the favorite, and left a post a couple dozen messages with good wishes in her address. They also noted that the girl should not be justified in front of strangers and so worry about criticism in her address. In addition, some followers believe that Stephanie really long time was engaged with Tutors that have allowed how to earn decent points.

“Stesha, you shouldn’t pay attention and waste your nerves on such nonsense. People who allow themselves such statements themselves have not achieved anything in life”, “Stesha, I’m a total stranger to you woman, I have no reason to believe or not to believe you that you did good on the exams, but I know that you don’t have anyone to prove it and send it works!”, “People! Russian and the literature to really write for a high score, if you do. Now, if it was other items, I would firmly say that I bought. So, Stesha, congratulations!”, “No one ever does not prove! You passed, and I believe you! Will definitely go to College of your dream and life will be perfect!” – wrote fans.