The scandal with the DNA “grandson” Mary Shukshina has received unexpected continuation

Скандал с ДНК-тестом «внука» Марии Шукшиной получил неожиданное продолжение
Freya Zilber accused Bari Alibasov in lies.

Maria Shukshina

Photo: @Instagram shukshina_maria Maria Shukshina

Last weekend Bari Alibasov said that he personally learned the results of the DNA examination, which was to shed light on the scandalous story of the birth of an alleged grandson of Maria Shukshina. A girl named Freya Zilber, presented the ex-beloved son of actress — Makar, a while ago said gave birth to his son. Shukshin was ready to provide financial support, but first asked to carry out an examination to establish paternity Makar.

Then Alibasov has declared that the relationship of Makar son of Freyja Zilber was not confirmed. “Finally the family Sukhinah got rid of the scourge under the name Freya. This sluttish girl earned a lot of money on lies, lifting the ratings of TV programs! DNA analysis of her boy revealed that her next child DNA Makar, the son of Masha Shukshina, zero!” — spoken by Alibasov, supporting a close friendship with the family Sukhinah.

“The Internet was fake news about the DNA results. A DNA test will be ready in 1-2 weeks. But separate “personalities” it certainly does not hurt in any way to remind myself and “hypnoti” fake news, writes Zilber in the Network. — Do not blindly believe everything that write on the Internet. Check the information demand proof, do not limit yourself to one source. And the most reliable source of information about my child – my only this page. As soon as there’s any news – I will let you know!” Neither she nor hired her lawyer has not yet commented on the situation.

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