The scandal with the departure of Morris from the show “the Voice” continued

Скандал с уходом Билана из шоу «Голос» получил продолжение Mentor is stated that he was misunderstood. Dima Bilan said earlier that have reached their ceiling in the “Voice”, and his decision to leave is final. In an interview with Ivan Urgant, the singer denied his own statement.

      Скандал с уходом Билана из шоу «Голос» получил продолжение

      A few days ago, fans of Dima Bilan and the popular show “the Voice” were shocked by the news that their idol decided to leave the project after this season. This mentor said in an interview from Moscow the Internet-editions. Bilan statement about leaving “the Voice” shocked viewers

      However, as it turned out, fans Bilan was worried for nothing. The singer himself commented on the news of his resignation, noting that he only talked about it and not going to actually leave the armchair judges. Statement of Dima Bilan on it was heard during transmission “Evening Urgant”, where the guest before it became mentor of “the Voice”.

      “Why did you make such a statement? asked Bilan Ivan Urgant. – Do you really decided to leave the show?” “It was not a statement – said Dima Bilan. – Rather, it was the discourse about what would happen if I suddenly decide to leave the project”.

      The mentor show “the Voice” has added also that the thoughts out loud, do not constitute its official view. And besides, the producers of the project do not plan to part with it. “In the end, the last word will be for Konstantin Lvovich. It’s still only him,” concluded Dima Bilan.

      We will remind that earlier the information about the departure of the singer from the show commented on his producer Yana Rudkovskaya. She also said that her ward was misinterpreted. The woman said that Dima Bilan, as well as other judges, while not invited to the shooting of the new season of the program. So he told the reporters that he does not know whether to participate in it, because it depends not only from him. According to Yana, the same would answer any other mentor. And it’s not just adult Voices, but children’s, said Rudkovskaya. Stirred up all the news that Bilan was thinking about leaving “the Voice”, has arisen due to misunderstandings, said the producer.

      “He only said that sometimes our desires do not coincide with the desire of the management of the channel. And at the moment he has not yet received an invitation to participate in “the Voice”, which will be in 2017. They say until he knows what will happen next year, perhaps this will be the last season. Think that would answer each of the members of the jury,” commented the producer.