The scandal with the betrayal of her husband Tatiana Bulanova took an unexpected turn

Скандал с изменой мужа Татьяны Булановой получил неожиданный поворот
Fans worried for the singer.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

Photo: @radimov02 Instagram Vladislav Radimov

Slightly more than a week ago Tatyana Bulanova told fans that found out about the cheating husband — Vladislav Radimov. In any case, it was perceived the words of the artist about the betrayal that happened in her life. Fans speculated that soon the singer will file for divorce. Instead, the couple went… to the restaurant! There the couple, to the surprise of many, romantic celebrated the 11th anniversary of their relationship, and then laid out in the microblog Radimov family photos from the celebration.

And microblog Tatiana disappeared from the record of the betrayal by the person closest to her. Apparently, the couple was able to deal with the situation and she had forgiven her husband.

Such a sudden turn for the better pleased and simultaneously disappointed fans Bulanova. Of course, Tatiana and Vladislav congratulated on a family holiday and wished them a long life together. But some fans upset reconciliation: “If changed once will change again. Why do you tolerate such humiliation?” asked devoted fans.

Recall that the acquaintance of Tatiana and Vladislav took place on 21 July 2004. After a year, the lovers got married and a year later they had a son Nikita.