The scandal with Anastasia Volochkova takes a financial turn

Скандал с Анастасией Волочковой принимает финансовый оборот According to star, the theatre requires it, the penalty for failure of performance. Anastasia is in deep distress and considers it a betrayal on the part of colleagues. Ballerina asked for the help to known lawyer.

      Скандал с Анастасией Волочковой принимает финансовый оборот

      The scandal unfolding around the theatrical debut of Anastasia Volochkova, inflames more and more. The voltage between the actress, her partner said Barovym and Director Joseph Raihelgauz is growing every day. The premiere performance of “a man Came to the woman,” which was to be held in the drama theatre “School of modern drama” April 30, yesterday was in jeopardy. Now it became known that he definitely will not take place in the composition, which is stated in the poster – that is, with Anastasia Volochkova and said Baguim in the lead roles.

      Anastasia Volochkova: “I can’t betray a partner”

      On hearing this, the actress was extremely angry because she had waited for this moment. Anastasia days and nights rehearsing, she at his own expense bought the props and costumes for the play. However, after talking with the management of the theatre, ballet dancer at all and have experienced a real shock. It turns out, that unilaterally, the star was removed from the role, she needs to pay the penalty. Volochkova is going to fight for their rights, through representatives of the law.

      “I just found out from the Directorate of theatre that I have to pay the penalty for my unearned performance on 30 April, with whom You and I took off for some strange reason… I, it is clear. You settle scores with said. And in the middle of it was me. You know, I’m alive and healthy! And ready to take to the stage of your theater, where I stated in the poster! You what?! – outraged Anastasia in his microblog. – Want my money for withdrawing me from the poster of the play? I was not expecting such a development. Sorry… I have to talk to a lawyer Maya Sandler”.

      Скандал с Анастасией Волочковой принимает финансовый оборот

      In the opinion of management of the theatre, and Bugs Volochkova has not coped with the task. They made adjustments in their roles, which is not supposed to happen. The plot Volochkova plays a simple switchboard and must appear on stage in modest attire. She’s acquired for her character expensive luxurious gowns, which are evident to the audience. This is not the only complaint the writers. Bugs said, according to their version, too, did not fit into his role – the actor too obviously showed on stage its hot Caucasian temperament. In General, each side in this conflict turned out to be a truth.

      Volochkova’m sure the Director Iosif Reichelgaus, has a long-standing hostility to Sayid Bagobo, and therefore removed him from his role two days before the premiere. Anastasia was invited to stay in the play. However, in this case it would have to quickly work together with another actor. The actress herself has refused this idea.

      “Put me before the fact that two days before the premiere I got to work with another partner. Anyone involved in theater will tell you that exercise is simply impossible. Though, because with said we learned and practiced our roles, brought certain changes and additions, which cannot know another actor, – said Volochkova in an interview with “StarHit”. – I can’t betray a partner. So I’m ready to play only play with said”.

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