Скандал в британском королевском семействе!
In the Internet appeared the video of the Nude bride of the Prince.

Скандал в британском королевском семействе!

Meghan Markle, who is soon to become the legal wife
Prince Harry got into a very unpleasant story. Hackers
breaking into the archives, I posted a video and series of pictures, which
appears almost naked the Prince’s bride.

Technically, Megan was caught not quite naked — it is tiny
bikini bottoms. But the bust of the future Princess
you can see in all its glory. And, worst of all, on one of the frames on
her hand flaunts ethnic bracelet — the one that got her in 2016
Prince Harry. This means that risky shot
was not once long ago, and after the Prince began
to meet Megan!

Frames made scandal, Buckingham Palace
responded to the incident. The official representative of the Royal court said that he believes
presents photos and film footage gross fake and said that
site, posted stills, compromising the honor of the bride of the Prince, brought
criminal case.

Скандал в британском королевском семействе!

They say that Queen Elizabeth is outraged by the scandal that erupted in just 2 months
before the wedding of her grandson. But most of all outraged by Harry himself, who swears
deal with offenders and to protect his beloved. According to one
versions of intercepted materials does
no evidence of inappropriate conduct Megan. Someone thinks that shooting was meant for Harry himself to
he never missed his beloved —
the time they had to spend apart, on different sides of the ocean.

Recall, ironically, the Prince just the other day
announced that he would not sign with Markle marriage contract, because I believe in
her 100 percent. “We now
together forever, we will be inseparable for the rest of our lives!” — announced Harry. And
said that Megan told him all about herself, and now there are no rumours about her
the past can’t ruin their relationship…