The scandal surrounding the divorce, Jackson continues to inflame

Скандал вокруг бракоразводного процесса Джанет Джексон продолжает разгораться
Insulted, the singer has demanded sole custody of son.

Скандал вокруг бракоразводного процесса Джанет Джексон продолжает разгораться

Janet Jackson son


Wissam al Mana’s son


The situation around the divorce of Janet Jackson with her husband Wissam Almana
continues to deteriorate. Divorcing spouses who have recently swore in
that will remain friends for the sake of their son Assi, joined the fight. Both
push against each other serious accusations, and now even out of the question
to be on joint care of the boy.

It all started with the fact that Janet, who decided to leave
husband when her child was only three months, recently accused the wife of “home
the violence”. And he did it publicly: speaking at one of her concerts, she sang
a song in which were these lines: “How about what you did to
me? Do you remember how you beat me in the face? As I begged you
to stay?” And just after her
the execution, Jackson uncontrollable burst into tears. Many unwittingly
the idea that the song was about her relationship with her husband.
Moreover, beginning his speech, Janet said: “It’s all about me!” And
soon Janet’s brother Randy Jackson
confirmed: he knew that Wissam strongly offends sister, and for a long time
tried to persuade her to leave her husband.

Al Mann responded to the allegations against him are that
all this slander. And then counterattacked. Wissam said that it
he allegedly was a victim, subjected to insults and bullying. More
he promised to bring to court two witnesses from among the workers,
worked in the house. They, he claims, are ready to confirm: Janet supposedly strongly
humiliated him because although they were married back in 2012, until last year
the singer could not get pregnant. She stated that he is the reason they have so
long had no children and mocked his manhood. In addition, as
assures Wissam throughout their marriage she kept so close
friendship with your ex boyfriend Jermain Dupree that he suspected her of

After al Mann outlined his charges that she was called a liar,
Janet felt offended. And if initially the couple wanted
to arrange joint custody of son
Assay, now the singer categorically requires sole. As for
Wissam, he or she believes can be resolved only date son
and not too often.