The scandal of “Eurovision” is gaining momentum

Скандал с «Евровидением» набирает обороты On Wednesday it became known that the security Service of Ukraine did not allow the participant of international contest of Russian entry into the territory of the country. Many figures in politics and show business supported the artist. Recently Julia herself commented on the situation in the First channel.

      Before it became known that the singer Yulia Samoilova was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years. In this regard, the artist is not going to “Eurovision”, which will take place in may in Kiev. The news about the sanctions against singer caused a strong public resonance. Fans began writing to Julia encouraging comments in social networks. They can’t believe that Samoilova will not work to represent their country in international competition.

      Julia Samoylova deprived of the opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision”

      Recently the girl herself commented on the information which appeared on the Network in the First channel. The actress revealed that not upset the decision of the SBU. Moreover, Julia hopes to change the situation.

      “All this is very funny to watch from the sidelines because I don’t understand what there is in me such a saw. In me, in such a small girl, saw any threat. I, by and large, do not worry. I do, for some reason I think I will change,” said Samoylova.

      Note that on the resolution of the SBU expressed by many stars of politics and show business. They’re trying to support the singer and wish her not to lose heart. Some of them criticized the decision of law enforcement bodies. Among them was the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Opposition bloc” Nestor Shufrych. “I’ll refrain from rating the emotional-psychological and physiological state of this beautiful girl. But I think that the reason for which she was suspended from participation in “Eurovision”, is insignificant in comparison with the traditions of hospitality, which likes to boast of the Ukrainian government! But these traditions are fundamental for the host country this song now!” – the politician noted on the page on the social network.

      The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova

      In addition, the protection of Yulia Samoilova was made by the singer Alsu. The artist expressed his disappointment with the situation.

      “You know, as music, as theater, painting, architecture, is a unique language that is accessible and understandable to everybody, whatever our faith, colour, nationality… We are listening to an Italian Opera without knowing Italian, but we all understand. We understand the language of music. The music is not, cannot be and should not be borders. And so sorry that these boundaries appeared in “Eurovision”. Do not divide us, no borders, or political or whatever else! Music will not be able to live in such a world,” wrote the star in his microblog.

      About the situation, which turned out to be the Russian participant of the international competition, also called producer Maxim Fadeev. Figure of show business supported the actress and said that she will be able to go to the competition in 2018. Earlier, it was stated in the press service of the First channel.

      “I want to support Julia Samoylova. Yul, do not pay attention, absolutely do not worry. Well it did not work, did not work. It happens. Anyway the First channel you chose and the year you will be able to go to another country. And there to win. I believe in it. As for the decision of the Ukrainian side, for me personally, it was unexpected. I believe that common sense will prevail. Honestly, I’m really funny this situation”, – said the producer.

      Yulia Samoilova hurried to go and the singer Oleg Gazmanov. He said he would be happy to cooperate with the performer, and called for a boycott of international competition. “I think the scandal of “Eurovision” has reached such a level that it is better to give up… we Have appeared in Russia the quality of the show – festival “New wave” of the show “the Voice” “Battle of choirs” and other. So we need to develop their international competitions and festivals. Moreover, there is a wonderful experience, brilliantly organized the winter Olympics in Sochi. And, of course, a pity that Julia was in this predicament and her dream did not come true. Ready to write a song for her and want to tell her that she is beautiful, talented and strong-willed girl, and she has yet to come” – shared the singer.

      The indignation of the artist about the recent events shared the Alain Vodonaeva. “Stone age savagery. Very sorry,” said the leader.

      In turn, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also commented on the prohibition of the SBU.

      “Certainly, the decision of the Ukrainian side seriously devalues the upcoming competition, this is a blow to the prestige of “Eurovision”. We also believe this decision is extremely unfortunate, and in fact, we would certainly expect that the decision to contest will be reviewed and the Russian participant will be able to participate in this competition,” he told reporters.

      We will add that in a Network there are different versions of how Julia Samoylova is still able to perform at the Eurovision song contest with the current situation. The media also published information that the European broadcasting Union is considering different non-standard ways of participation of Russia in international competition, in particular, in a recording or live broadcast. Allegedly, the organizers of the show intend to offer similar options to the First channel.