The scandal involving the stars of “Battle of psychics” Namtar of Antigua has taken a new turn

Скандал с участием звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтара Энзигаля принял новый поворот Resident of Rostov has published evidence of fraud magician. To the editor of “StarHit” asked Anastasia, who earlier was at the reception of the necromancer. According to her, the man refuses to return not only money, but also a photo of her deceased father. He Namtar says nothing about the photographs, but only notes that the client had behaved inappropriately.
Скандал с участием звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтара Энзигаля принял новый поворот

About two weeks ago, the network appeared the information that the star of the sixteenth season of “Battle of psychics” Namtar, Antigal accused of fraud. Resident of Rostov Anastasia, where are held the sessions of the magician, told the media that he had not provided her service properly. The woman wanted to ascertain the cause of the death of his father, providing images relative to the necromancer. The star of “the battle of psychics” Namtar, Antigal responded to allegations of fraud

However, as told by Anastasia “StarHit”, finalist of the popular show couldn’t help her in this matter. He argued that the man is alive, although my father client died four years ago. Besides, according to the woman, Antigal wrong with the diagnosis, which took the life of her cousin.

“He asked me to give him pictures of his father, promised to take a closer look into the situation. At that time I was a small child, I could not immediately pick up. Then I contacted him some time later. “Whatever is the case with the photographs,” I asked. He explained that he could not deal with this issue. Then it turned out that we have someone in common. I gave Namtaru 15 thousand for the reception. I was not the last money, so I then just said, “Remember them my father,” says Anastasia “StarHit”.

According to the rostovite Namtar knew she was from a family of businessman, who was known in their town and region. However, according to her, the mage knew nothing about what her dad was dying in the intensive care unit in the presence of several doctors. Prior to that, he was in a coma for a few days, then his heart stopped.

“I have very few photos of dad, so I would like to get them back. But he has blocked me everywhere: my mobile phone and my account in the social network. Now Namtar says I’m a fraud, I felt very sad. I do not mind the money, I want to warn other people,” said Anastasia.

At the disposal of “StarHit” was the record that made Anastasia during a conversation with Natarom. During the visit, the woman asked to record the interview, citing memory problems.

He Namtar claims that helped the client a second time. As experts say, before she spoke to him on the issue of improving your personal life. MAG surprised that Anastasia again pounced on him with accusations and certain requirements. According to him, after the visit, she only once came in contact with him.

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“On the recording, which I was allowed to, it’s all there. So even though the Hague sends, no blow to my reputation cannot be. About the father issue was already over the limit, so I did it already in addition and for free, although this could not be done. Plus, I have everywhere in the terms and conditions of acceptance it is written that the work stops, if the person starts to behave inappropriately. And she then wrote only one message and was calling from some kind of game, what has been blocked,” explained Namtar “StarHit”.