Скандалом с участием отца Таты Бондарчук займутся следователи
The woman intends to prove the fact of beating Mikhail Mamiashvili.

Tata Bondarchuk with his father — Mikhail Mamiashvili

Photo: Instagram.com

The scandal associated with the family of Fyodor Bondarchuk is gaining momentum. Recently it became known that the father of Tata Bondarchuk, Mikhail Mamiashvili, who informed athlete Inna Terjukova accused of beating, publicly apologized during the press conference. However, the fact of violence, the head of Federation of wrestling, recognize still did not.

“Everything was okay, but a bit not. Do not call it a conflict. 1000 times and before the ina, and all the girls can apologize, — said Mikhail. We have a thousand times hug and make up. If I hadn’t worried about them, it would sit on the podium and watched quietly. I am convinced that my apology will be accepted. At that moment, I wanted a little more than they do. At the same Inna will remain for many years a sense of disappointment that she did not win that medal!”

But Terjukova was not so friendly mood. She admitted that it did not intend to forgive Michael and prepares the statement in office of public Prosecutor. Inna talked about the incident with the Minister of sports Michael Mutko, who, according to the athlete, took her side.

“I read in the media that today Mamiashvili has publicly apologized for his behavior in Rio, but not for what hit me and was accused of betraying homeland — Trazhukova told “Sport-Express”.In addition, I personally apology did not bring any Mamiashvili, nor the Federation of wrestling of Russia. While the President of the Federation does not apologize to me for certain actions, the apology will not be accepted. Today at a press conference Mikhail Gershevich said that we had a thousand times hug, but I’m not going to embrace Mamiashvili after his actions!”

Now, according to ina, she was calling witnesses who can testify. However, wanting to do it among them was not so much. “I called the witnesses spoke. Some refused, someone is thinking…” — quoted by Inna “Sport-Express”.

Recall that Tata in the scandal involving Mamiashvili took dad’s side, calling “the herd” of those who condemned the behavior of her father in Rio.

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