The Satire theatre has terminated the contract with Carina of Mishulin

Театр Сатиры расторг договор с Кариной Мишулиной
In the actress’s life, great changes have occurred.

Karina Mishulina

February 15, Karina Mishulina ceased to be the actress of Theatre of Satire:
with her terminated the employment contract. According, the theater’s management felt that the behavior of the actress at
television has a bad effect not only on his father’s memory, but also on the reputation
theatre. According to insider information, Karine and her mother denied entrance backstage

Soon on the First channel will be
shown another program, dedicated to the scandal that arose after
publication in the magazine “Caravan of stories” story of an actor Timur Eremeeva about
he is the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina.

The program was attended by Alexander
Dobrynin, who worked in 1970-1980th years the organizer of tours in Yakutia. It
was personally acquainted with many artists, including the Theatre of Satire, and with
Spartak Mishulin even friends. Before the filming of the program Dobrynin came in
communication with journalists

“I see, what kind of war launched a legal
family Mishulina — daughter Karina and the widow Valentina — against Timur Yeremeyev, —
he said. It’s unfortunate. In memory of Spartacus I want to tell you what I know
personally from him. Mishulin came to us in Yakutia on tour almost every year.
He said that he has a beloved woman, Tanya, who bore him a son
The like. “They’re my escape,” admitted a folk artist.

Mishulin bought things from us on the trading
the bases for the daughter of Marinacci, who loved him, and for his son.

One of the visits Spartak said
wife Valentina found out about the illegitimate son and his mother. And, according to Mishulina,
promised, if ever they will announce their relationship with Mishulin, it “will tear
both of them.” The phrase I remember. Repeating it, Spartacus told him
the wife can do a lot.

The truth of these words proves,now that the war
announced that Timur the widow and daughter of national artist. Recently, Karina’s husband
and crew visited Vologda: 80-year-old grandmother and grandfather
Eremeeva mother. Fortunately, next to the old men turned out to be a cousin
Timur, he called the police, and the uninvited guests asked to leave. Recall
the week before that was made the same attack on the family was the grandson of Spartacus
Mishulina Eduard Sorokin in Tver.