Братья Самойловы втянули в семейный скандал пожилую мать Irina told me that one of her sons is preparing to raise from the archives of the court case against brother. Samoilov conflict with each other because of the songs they recorded together in the group “Agatha Christie”. Gleb calls to ban Vadim 172 to perform songs from the entire repertoire.

      Gleb and Vadim Samoilov, created many years ago, iconic rock band of the 90s “Agatha Christie”, are now suing each other. The band broke up in 2009, and its front man are still arguing which of them can perform the material recorded together for many years. Today the Savelovsky court of Moscow will consider the statement of the Glebe, which requires a complete ban on songs with his brother. The representative of the musician Ian Brotman said that the claim is not proprietary in nature, the singer does not require any redress. He calls to ban the execution of the 172 songs.

      The Samoilov brothers attracted to the conflict and his elderly mother-Irina Grigorievna. It had hurt to watch her sons fight over money. As it turned out, it initially was known that Vadim did not give brother a part of the money earned at performances. In videoroliki, which appeared on the groups page, Gleb Samoilov and The MATRIXX, Irina told about the conflict of the sons.

      “I immediately knew that he is not all the money paid Gleb from concerts. But I knew, when all the money comes in, it will give. Well, delayed it until. A few days before the hearing I got a call and text Vlad, in which he announced that he would raise judicial case against Gleb in which he could be sentenced to several years in prison. He called and Gleb. In conversation with Gleb, I said: “Son, you have have to stop until it happened irreparable,” – said the woman.

      Video posted by Gleb Samoilov & The Matrixx (@thematrixx_official) Aug 19 2016 at 3:27 PDT

      Fans of “Agatha Christie” surprised Gleb and Vadim was involved in their disputes, even mom. Each of the brothers tries to make the woman was on his side. “For the first time in the history of this scandal, I started crying. I sit and cry. There are no words. Health and strength this woman”, “Two grown men, you two get along already,” “I wish my mom bought a new wardrobe and a sofa!”, “Don’t drag mom and grown up kids! Take care of her health!” – this was the reaction of the fans of the band Gleb Samoilov.

      By the way, fans of “Agatha Christie” I remember that many years ago Hleb had serious problems with alcohol and drugs, so in the heat of passion he could commit a crime. The man even took treatment from a therapist and taking antidepressants. According to him, he did not return to bad habits.

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