Братья Сальваторе выпустили свой алкогольный напиток

“Salvatore is back in business” — wrote in his Instagram Ian Somerhalder. Two years have passed as all the fans of the TV series “the vampire Diaries” seen Damon and Stefan together. However, recently the brothers gave a big surprise to his fans. This time they came together not for the sake of the film, together they released their product.

Братья Сальваторе выпустили свой алкогольный напиток

As in the TV series “the vampire Diaries” characters constantly drinking Bourbon, Paul and Ian decided to release your alcoholic beverage. And it’s the right decision, alcohol personal cooking is always better, especially that they now can be shared with anyone.

In his Instagram, and Somerhalder said that to make a good Bourbon is quite difficult, it is painstaking and hard work because, first of all for the brothers important to the quality of the product. Apparently, they were able to achieve, because the plans for the near future they have huge.

The guys are going not just to produce the goods on sale, and take a ride on the world, and make the presentation of alcohol beverage personally. The presentation will be held in a non-standard environment, and as a party. Thus, they can, and the product is his show and to meet fans in person. The Salvatore brothers want to make their fans feel a sense of pleasant nostalgia when they met, and were able to enjoy the present with drink.

This news has delighted all the fans. On the Instagram page from Ian appear positive comments. According to subscribers, such a gesture on the part of the actors shows how they are not indifferent to the fans. It’s been a long time since the end of filming of “the vampire Diaries”, and Paul and Ian all pleasing fans. And, of course, many people remained under the impression of ideas about parties.

Wesley and Somerhalder produce not only for the sake of their fans and personal gain. Ian said that some of the profit from the sale of their product, will focus on renewable agriculture. According to actors, this will help in the shortest time to slow down climate change, which is so concerned environmentalists. So the Salvatore brothers are working for the benefit of themselves and the world.

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