Самое безопасное место на Земле With the start of the Olympics pulled for thieves records and local criminal riffraff. First robbed Chinese journalists – their expensive cameras melted in the polluted air of the capital of Brazil.

    First, no valuables left, the representatives of the Chinese media, and then robbed the home fans of our team – three of the laptop and the camera have lost their owners. And so the case with the silver medalist of the last Olympics, Russian swimmer Evgeny Korotyshkin at all in any gate!

    The whole truth about the Olympics in Rio: the queue for food, checking for dope and stealing

    In the heart of Ipanema beach, he was approached by two armed men, forcing him to turn out his pockets. My friend Andrew Brenner, who on 16 July 45 years, has always maintained that Rio de Janeiro is the safest place on earth. Most importantly, do not let go of a Caipirinha – the Brazilian sweet and sour cocktail ordered at the bar. He didn’t know that at the time of preparation of the drink, there are mixed such that only on the third day Andrei wakes up on the street without credit cards, documents, keys to the apartment, where will make all your valuables. Only the intervention of the Russian Consulate and our Ambassador returned to my friend’s home. And listening to your La Paloma – known “Dove” born on the banks, too, are his beloved Cuba, my poor friend says about the hot, but insecure Brazilian arms with great sadness.

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