The sacrifice of plastics? Yana Koshkina becomes like a cat

Жертва пластики? Яна Кошкина становится похожей на кошку
Fans criticized the appearance of the presenter.

Photo: Instagram

Career Yana Koshkina seems just impossible. The first “star” role in the TV series “chop”, after which a hot girl noticed, and the actress immediately got the job on the First channel. Yes, not some assistant, and leading a show, which is attended by pop stars.

The main “trump card” Yana consider it a spectacular appearance. The actress relies on sexuality. Many believe that it really is like a cat. By the way, the most famous “woman-cat” — a secular diva Jocelyn Wildenstein, which made dozens of operations, but would be similar to this animal and failed to make such similarities, we have Yana.

By the way, rumor has it that Koshkin (that’s her real name) has repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. Professionals claim that such is perfectly calibrated facial features just don’t exist. Say the presenter did a rhinoplasty, highlighted cheekbones, enlarged lips. Only here about breast being debated. Experts are inclined to believe that outstanding bust Yana is still present.

Anyway, Koshkin recently appeared at an event in the way that only strengthened the suspicions of the fans.

“It’s a mannequin or a live person?”they are amazed. — “Well, just a cat!”, “Your beauty was turned into a silent horror!”, “Lips more and more with each passing day — and this man proves to all its naturalness and lack of plastics…»

However, the only thing recognized Yana is that she has unnatural hair color.

“I’m actually a light brown, a — Koshkina said in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — 17 years old, a sophomore theatre arts Academy, I decided to try a chocolate shade. I bought the paint, and the mother of the house I painted. The result we both liked. Besides, my mother believed that because of the blonde hair I will be hard to notice on stage in the theater. And here I came to class, and my teacher, master course, throws me with the words: “don’t come until you return.”I cried, but did not give up. After a few days I once again allowed to come to the Academy”.