The Russians were subjected to Enrique Iglesias criticized

Россияне подвергли Энрике Иглесиаса жесткой критике
Fans worried for the health of children of Anna Kournikova.

Enrique Iglesias with a child

Photo: @Instagram enriqueiglesias Enrique Iglesias

Previously, in order to melt the hearts of the fans Enrique Iglesias had to sing his seductive tone of voice made women’s hearts beat faster. Now all became much easier. 42-year-old singer is enough to publish a recent photo with one of the newly-born twins. In just a few hours a new publication in the microblog he has collected nearly a million “likes” and more than 10 thousand comments.

Today, Iglesias showed fans a new photo of one of the babies who were born in December last year. “Still can’t believe I have you…” — says the singer.

It should be noted that if foreign fans mostly write about what the frame “touching”, the Russian fans warn the contractor of the danger. Compatriots Anna Kournikova think the kid while shooting could have been seriously hurt. Enrique posing for the picture holding the baby with only one hand. Commentators are worried that the photo shoot Iglesias could result in a fall baby.

Recently, the singer showed less threat, but more unique picture: for the first time were simultaneously imprinted both Iglesias and Kournikova — Lucy and Nicholas.