Россияне почтили память погибших хоккеистов «Локомотива» Five years ago a plane crash claimed the lives of the Yaroslavl and the other passengers of the fatal flight. The tragedy occurred during takeoff from the Yaroslavl airport. The national team of Russia on hockey has honored the memory of victims minute of silence.

      Россияне почтили память погибших хоккеистов «Локомотива»

      Today is the funeral date for the world of sports. Exactly five years ago, on 7 September 2011, a tragedy occurred that took the lives of players Yaroslavl “Locomotive”. On takeoff, the plane crashed Yak-42, on Board of which was the main part of the hockey team, as well as other passengers. The plane crash claimed the lives of 44 people. Among the dead were 36 passengers and 8 crew members. In the only surviving engineer on aviation and radio service Alexander Sizov.

      We will remind, the official investigation of the accident was engaged in interstate aviation Committee. The main cause of the tragedy, it was decided to consider clicking one of the pilots on the brake pedals during takeoff of the aircraft.

      General Manager of “Loko” Yury Lukin narrowly escaped death. The man was late for the fateful flight. “That day I will remember forever, was told later one of the editions of Lukin. — I really had to fly with the team, but fate decreed otherwise. It is a great tragedy for the whole country. Thanks to all that we remember this date and mourn with us, to relatives of the dead boys”.

      Россияне почтили память погибших хоккеистов «Локомотива»

      After the death of the captain “the Locomotive” the widow does not give his parents to see grandchildren

      It is worth noting that the national team of Russia on hockey before training, which takes place in preparation for the world Cup, paid tribute to the Yaroslavl “locomotive” with a minute of silence.

      Many famous hockey players and sports personalities published mournful messages in their microblogs.

      “Remember,” wrote hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. “Today is the day when not playing hockey. The tragedy of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 5 years. R. I. P. – left a comment a fan of Daniel Batalin.

      It is noteworthy that memorable date Omsk artist has immortalized the memory about “the Locomotive”. Next to the “Arena-Omsk” has an image of the former goalkeeper “Avant-garde” Alexander Wuchina, who died 5 years ago, together with the Yaroslavl team. Graffiti on the wall of the underpass in front of the ice arena wrote street artist Marat Abishev.

      “This man, Alexander Wujin close not only many fans, but me personally. Because I thanks to this man fell in love with hockey in General and loved our team. Once long ago in 2002 or 2001, I came for a friendly match with “Siberia” we then played and saw him in action. Stared. And somehow instilled in me a love for hockey,” – said the artist.

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