“The Russians have the right to have sex with whoever I want”: how to explain the attraction to foreign fans

«Россиянки вправе заниматься сексом, с кем хотят»: как объяснить тягу к иностранным фанатам Yuri Dude explained why Russian girls are attracted to foreign fans. According to popular blogger, our countrywomen are looking for a better life and want to see more decent men than those who live with them in their hometown.
«Россиянки вправе заниматься сексом, с кем хотят»: как объяснить тягу к иностранным фанатам

The world Cup was not only a great occasion for large-scale festivals, but also the chance for many girls to get a ticket to “better life” – so many people take the opportunity to fall in love with a foreigner and move abroad. The first thing to do is quite simple: now literally every corner of Russia is crowded with people from other countries.

Hunter overseas husband began to prepare for the arrival of guests a few weeks before the start of the season, and now they can often be found in the arms of overseas fans. That’s just almost all of these meetings will end with the coveted “happy end”.

A well-known blogger and journalist Yuri Dude published a shot where the girl of Slavic appearance holding a hand of a Mexican. The picture caused a flurry of negative comments from users who condemned the Russians for their availability.

But the Dude decided that the subscribers too sharply perceive the interethnic issue, and misjudged the intimacy of people of different races.

“Russian girls have sex with absolutely anyone, which they seem to do this quite attractive. Exactly the same as the Russian guy could do the same with whoever you want: Thai, Dominican, Cuban, and other beauties, which make our home even sweeter. Yes, ideally, take precautions: because of disease and because have children is much steeper from the really beloved, and not like the people you love. But if we can enjoy the freedom of the girls is exactly the same reason,” – said the journalist.
«Россиянки вправе заниматься сексом, с кем хотят»: как объяснить тягу к иностранным фанатам

According to the journalist, the desire of girls to move to the permanent residence of the alien is related to the untidy appearance of Russian men – most often they are sloppy and are in poor physical shape.

“Foreigners much more attractive to us. Tough competition for beautiful girls (in Europe they are really less) force them to live according to certain rules. They keep themselves in good shape, not only in youth but also in late adulthood. They are easy to contact – even Dating apps, at least on Turkish beaches. From them smells. They know that the clothes have other colors than black”, – says Yuri.

Dude also believes that the aliens are about more romantic things than our compatriots because they are not accustomed to treat a lady like a subject that often do Russian men.

“When in the next three weeks you will see the girl that goes away in a sombrero, kimono or yellow-green feathers, think about it. Even a Finn like me, a couple of years ago mastered the horizontal bar and in more or less any condition will catch it 10 times. Even a downtrodden and ugly hiscok, like me, you are still a student learned how to meet girls on the streets, and sometimes it didn’t even look ashamed. Even so uneducated and just read fifty books a person like me could get started in the profession”, – summed up Yuriy in the article Sports.ru.