У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь Resonant history Sysoeva Dina has devoted the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Three years ago a woman suspected of the brutal massacre of her husband Christoph Zion and was sent to jail.
У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь

In 2015 a resident of St. Petersburg Dean Sysoev accused in the brutal massacre of her husband, a French millionaire Christoph Zion. According to investigators, the woman was beaten wife with a rod of iron, and with the help of the father burned the entrepreneur in the woods. Sysoev was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Years after a resonant crime he dedicated the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to parents Sysoeva, the French side is trying to take away their granddaughter. “Someone is interested to destroy not only me but also my daughter’s life. She was left without father and mother,” said convicted in the high-profile case. As Dina says, she had no reason to kill her husband.

У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь“At the end of August 2013, I came home and I saw an unfamiliar man, who introduced himself as Basil. During the conversation he told me bluntly that in the apartment the corpse of my husband and started to threaten me and my child, even though I came alone. I did not commit the murder of her husband, I had no reason to do that. He is the father of my child,” said the woman in the program “Investigation of Eduard Petrov”.
У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь

Victor Sysoev, dad, Dina, appeared in the Studio program. According to him, on that fateful day, the daughter insisted that they had not contacted the police. The young woman was afraid for the life of your child. Victor said that he saw some Basil with my own eyes. “He’s tall, his height above 180 cm”, – said Sysoev. Dean rented a car, which he and his father took the body of Christophe in the woods. “Vasily helped us take out the corpse,” recalls Victor.

According to Sysoev, he has no information about fabulous money held in the accounts of Zion. “Legacy to me is not necessary”, – said Dina’s father. Faina Sysoeva also joined the discussion in the TV show. She does not believe that her daughter is capable of the crime.

“Christophe was interested in her and called married. Of course, every mother wants the daughter to be happy. Christophe did not make her presents, he was very stingy. They are not satisfied, I accidentally learned about marriage. They lived peacefully and normally, Christoph did not beat her”, – said Dina’s mother.
У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь

Now convicted parents worried about the future of her daughter. They believe that the relatives of Christophe from France ready to do anything to take away the girl. Their suspicion was confirmed by the editor of the program “the Investigation of Eduard Petrov” Eugene Mogilev, which was engaged in the business of Dina. “Before the broadcast I talked with the lawyer for the family of Christophe. They really want to take the child and closely engaged in this process”, – said the journalist. According to Mogilev, it did not find evidence that speak of innocence Dina.

Sister convicted of murder of a French millionaire Inna Sokolova lives abroad. A woman married a Scot. She also sided with Dina. “I believe that the death of Christophe was interested in the French side. They depended on him financially. Before his marriage to Dinah Christoph they actively helped, but then most of the money was to go to a new family. This caused their discontent,” – said Sokolov.

8-year-old daughter Dina is studying in the second grade. Her grandparents always come to the representatives of the guardianship. “She does well,” says Faina Sysoev. Inna Sokolova, sister Dina, believes that such control adversely affects the child.

“The girl has numerous awards, she was good in school. Up to the moment that began the endless visits from the Board of Trustees. Characteristics of the child speak for themselves. You can’t say that if you raised a daughter, and granddaughter will be the same. The girl is constantly calling the psychologist in the middle of class and hold conversations. This provoked the French side. The girl had never lived in that family, it is impossible to put… Yes, they came every six months. She knows it’s her aunt Barbara. Nothing more”, – said Inna.
У россиянки, осужденной за убийство мужа-миллионера, отбирают дочь