Россияне восхищены триумфом Алии Мустафиной в Рио The gymnast took the bronze, silver and gold at the Olympic games in Brazil. Before Aliya Mustafina became the first in the uneven bars. Users of social networks congrats girl on the win, and the athlete plans in two years to take a vacation and relax from the competition.

      Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina has brought our country a gold medal in the uneven bars. She received from the judges of 15.9 points, thereby ahead of their rivals, American Madison, Kocian and German Sophie Schöder. All of Russia cheered for the girl, representing the honor of the country in Brazil. This medal completed the set of medals aliyah. At the Summer games in 2016, the athlete also managed to take silver and bronze in other disciplines. Users of social networks to congratulate the Olympic Chepenko with such success in Rio de Janeiro.

      After the ceremony Mustafina thanked his fans for their support on the page in Instagram. She was very nervous before the performance, but, completing your room, knew that it all came out very skillfully, and any mistakes she made.

      “I’m so thankful to everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone! Like four years ago, I’m glad that in this room sounded the national anthem of our country. Thanks to the coaches, doctors, specialists, friends, acquaintances for sick and worried. Thank you Evgeny for my bars – it’s his job. Friends, not yet the strength to read all your messages. Thank you that watched and worried! And of course, thank you very much my dearest people, my family. I felt every second of their support and belief in me! All I’ve done here, everything was made for you!”, – wrote 21-year-old champion in gymnastics.

      Oleg Gazmanov, Gosha Kutsenko, Maria Kozhevnikova and many others have posted on their pages in social networks a picture of Mustafina and wrote warm congratulations to the girl with a victory. “Aliya, you are very clever! Double-Olympic champion – it’s incredible!”, “Thank you for these medals that you have brought to our country! It was a gorgeous bar!”, “From all soul congratulate on a well-deserved, hard-earned victory in Rio! You’re doing great!”, such nice comments people left on the pages of fan clubs dedicated to the Russian gymnast.

      By the way, the girl intends in the next two years to break from the sport. Alia admitted that after this time it will be interesting to return, but “have no goals to get somewhere or something to win.” During the Summer games Mustafina everywhere accompanies the talisman purple monkey that she gave to her young man, bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev.

      Choice of Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina: “She wants kids”

      Zaitsev claims that they are sweetheart already thinking about marriage and starting a family. Some fans Mustafina think that is why two-time Olympic champion leaves the sport for the next couple of years.

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