У сборной России есть шанс попасть на Паралимпиаду The Paralympic Committee of Russia does not agree with the decision to dismiss the athletes from the games. Representatives of the Russian side claim to have performed fully all their obligations.

      У сборной России есть шанс попасть на Паралимпиаду

      The whole country for the second day in shock from the news related to Russian Paralympians. The decision of the international Paralympic Committee and our athletes suspended from participation in the Olympics. Before this organization was forbidden to take part in the games all of our athletes with disabilities, and from Russia it was stated 267 athletes in 18 events. Russian membership of the Committee suspended.

      The reason for the scandal was the report of the special Commission on doping in Russian sport. “The Russian Paralympic Committee has no right to apply for participation of sportsmen in competitions, has no right to any activity within the IPC, and to participate in the Games in Rio 2016. The Russian Paralympic Committee informed of our decision. This decision was a heavy burden that lay on our shoulders,” said Philip Craven, President International Paralympic Committee.

      The Russian side hopes that the opportunity to participate in the Paralympics is still there. Appeal in Sports arbitration court has already been filed. Prior to the games in Rio for nearly a month – they must begin on 8 September.

      In the just-concluded press conference, the head of the Russian Paralympic Committee said the organization fully complied with its obligations to inform the athletes about doping and complied with all relevant requirements.

      According to the head of the Committee Vladimir Lukin, “none of the national Paralympic Committee worked more carefully” in the doping control. In the Russian Paralympic Committee of Russia “at 120%, we did everything that we expected, and ready to prove”, assured the head of the organization.

      “The decision is shocking, it is unfair, moreover, it is contrary to all norms of European and international law, beginning with Roman law, among other things. This decision makes it impossible to involve hundreds of athletes. We are comprised of 250 people, which no relation to the doping scandals does not have, and which already passed the trial, and was of the study under the supervision of international organizations”, — quotes RIA of the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin.

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